15 Ground Meat Recipe Ideas

October 12, 2012


Ground meat is kind of an underdog ingredient. You present a roast and everyone ooh’s and aah’s. But put some ground meat in the shopping cart, and the only reaction you’re likely to garner is a yawn. When I was ordering a side of beef, I wanted lots of ground meat. The butcher persuaded me to give all the rump, round, etc. roasts a chance. He said I’d have more ground beef than I’d know what to do with. And what did I run out of first? Yep, ground beef. I got sick of pot roasts, which all started to taste the same, and longed for the ever versatile ground stuff. It’s got so many uses that you never have to feel like you’re eating “ground beef again.” If you disagree, then I challenge you to try some of the ground meat ideas below. I’m certain you’ll be singing its praises before long.

And why limit yourself to just beef? Expand the list of possibilities by substituting ground turkey, lamb, chicken, pork, venison, bison, goat, etc. And if for some reason you do find yourself staring at a freezer full of roasts with no ground meat in sight, don’t despair. You can always grind your own meat, which will almost always taste better than the stuff that you buy already ground up.

Here are 15 paleo/primal ways to cook ground meat. Be sure to add to the list by leaving a comment below. What’s your favourite way to cook ground meat?


1. Burgers / breakfast patties


2. Meatballs


3. Meatza


4. Cabbage Rolls


5. Tacos / lettuce wraps


6. Chili

Image by yurilong

7. Apple Spice Turkey Breakfast


8. Paleo Shepherd’s Pie


9. Sausages (make your own)


10. Pasta sauce (with spaghetti squash, zucchini noodles or lasagna).

(Image by jules: stonesoup)

11. Meatloaf


12. Stuffing for squash, peppers, or mushrooms.

Image by stephan.maloman

13. Salisbury steak

Image by Valters Krontals

14. Scotch eggs

Image by cayobo

15. Steak tartare

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Aaron October 12, 2012 at 7:36 AM

Yep, who doesn’t like an underdog?

I’m definitely not going to feel like I ‘have’ to use all of the buffalo cuts the way they came. If I run out of ground and want more, I’ll take some into the store and have our meat manager grind it up for me.

I’m off to Portland this morning. Ground meats will be my staple evening meals there as I need them to be easy. I might stop by Cultured Caveman again, but I’m not sure.


[email protected] October 13, 2012 at 9:35 AM

Ah, that’s a convenient option to have, for them to grind it up for you. Have a great time in Portland! My foodie roadtrip there is on the backburner for now due to my elimination diet, but I’m looking forward to heading over there!


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