April 2011


Burgers are an easy lunch staple for batch cooking. They’re quick and versatile. I try to make either lamb or turkey burgers since I otherwise eat a lot of beef. One way to spruce up burgers is to use lots of seasonings, like this modified epicurious curried lamb burger recipe. I didn’t find them spicy at all, just flavourful, but the mint raita went very well with them. Sauces, raitas, aiolis, etc. are a great way to dress up burgers. The recipe also calls for some grilled zucchini with green onions and chile as a side, which I’m sure would taste great, but I passed on it. I tend to eat my lunches cold, and zucchini straight from the fridge didn’t really appeal to me. Keep reading…



I’ve always loved butter. So rich and creamy, it makes every meal taste better (what don’t I put butter on?), and it even tastes great on its own. I’ve also complained in the past about the lack of quality butter in Canada. So, while I still had a few different butters on hand from a prior trip to the US, I thought it’d be neat to do a butter tasting. The butters I was interested in were ones that I thought would have a good chance of being natural and pastured. I say good chance because 3 of the 4 butters are imported to the US, and their labels have much fewer marketing claims. By contrast, the US butter is plastered with promises. Since I’m used to products flaunting anything that could potentially increase sales, I actually find the US marketing claims comforting, whereas the lack of the same on the imported butters arouses suspicion. Keep reading…


Photo by La Flaf

I keep hearing from various paleo adherents that you can eat however much you want, as long as it’s paleo/primal, and you’ll lose (or maintain) your weight. I think that’s generally true, except it should come with an important caveat…

My weight has been stable for several months, after leaning out since stating paleo/primal. But in the past month or so, I actually gained about 5 unwanted pounds. During this time, what I ate hasn’t changed, but how much I ate has. Thinking back over the past month, it’s quite clear that I’ve been overeating, and I was also aware of it while doing so. What’s unusual is that typically, if I overeat for a meal, or even a few days, it generally tends to even out. This month was an exception. A few things happened to line up consecutively, resulting in some continuous overeating. And by overeating, I don’t mean eating more than some specific amount, or by somebody else’s rules. I mean eating past the point of satiety – continuing to eat after already feeling full.

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April 21, 2011


This meatza takes “meat lovers” to a whole new level. The “crust” is made of beef, so how can you go wrong? It’s absolutely delicious. I don’t really know how to describe it, since it’s not like it compares to a dough crust. But it’s somehow, dare I say, better? I read somewhere that it tastes like a meatloaf with pizza toppings, and I’d have to disagree. It’s more like a very meaty, crustless pizza. I recently tried a cream cheese crust, and there’s simply no comparison. If you’re craving pizza, or just want a fantastic meal, definitely give this meatza a try. It’s also great for batch cooking! Keep reading…


Coconut Manna

April 20, 2011


What the heck is coconut manna? It’s like coconut butter, but the company that makes it, Nutiva, thought it was more special somehow, so they called it manna. From Nutiva’s website:

Our Coconut Manna is definitely in the “Coconut Butter” family of products, though we felt that its superior flavor warranted a new name.

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