April 2011

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I’ve become very protective of my time. I had to work last weekend, as well as some evenings lately, and realized just how much I value my free time. Eight hours of  work a day (at minimum) – that’s half our waking hours, assuming we sleep for 8 hours. Add to that some time for getting ready for work (I may be paleo, but I’m still a girl…) and a commute for some, and your free time really dwindles – most of us are lucky to get 4 hours of free time a day.

And it seems like the healthier I attempt to be, the more there is I want to do, and the more I cherish my time. Between exercising (the fun and healthy kind, not “chronic cardio”), being outside (usually exercise-related), reading (online and books), blogging, hanging out with friends, cooking, etc. – who has time for work?? And that’s just listing the fun stuff – what about chores, errands, responsibilities… Keep reading…


What Do You Say?

April 4, 2011

You’re at a social gathering, and someone starts spewing conventional nutritional wisdom. Do you

A) comment
B) stay quiet
C) bang your head against the nearest wall

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David Csonka, over at Naturally Engineered, just published the results of the first Paleo Community Survey. Over 6,000 people responded! I found it very interesting to see how the rest of the paleo community lives, and what the demographics are. Keep reading…