June 2011


The other day, a friend texted me a pic of his lunch (above). I was impressed. Hamburger with no bun. Yam fries instead of potato. So not like him… I ignored the donut-looking thing, which I was later told was actually an onion ring (?!). Checking out the menu helped clarify…


Photo by Vaska037

Wooohooo! The Canucks are just 2 wins away from the Stanley Cup!! Vancouver lost its marbles last night – the honking and cheering didn’t die down until hours after the game! And the crowds were a sea of jerseys. Combined with the awesome weather this weekend (finally!), there’s definitely a lot of excitement around here! GO CANUCKS GO!! :)

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These chewy, warm treats can be served as a snack, hors d’oeuvre, or dessert. Although they are rather pretty-looking, they are actually ridiculously easy to make. Warning: they’re highly addictive. And since dates are naturally very high in sugar, it’s probably best to simply buy only as many dates as you plan to eat, rather than testing your willpower (I speak from experience…). Keep reading…


Jogging With Dogs

June 2, 2011

Photo by MiiiSH

Dogs love to run, there’s no doubt about it. But there’s a difference between “running” around freely while playing, and being forced to accompany their owner on a daily jog. I see so many people jogging with their dogs, and I feel for them (the dogs). Actually, I feel for the people too, since a lot of them simply haven’t come across paleo/primal and the notion of “chronic cardio” – which, if I haven’t made it obvious yet, I’m not a big fan of. But while people can make their own choices, dogs are dependent on their owners.

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