March 2012

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1) Watch Jon Stewart’s Epic Takedown of ‘Pink Slime’ (scroll down to watch this video – pretty funny). Keep reading…


Recipe: Kale Chips

March 30, 2012


I can’t believe it took me so long to jump on the kale chip bandwagon! I’ve heard about them for ages, but honestly, I didn’t think they’d taste very good. I’m typically not a big fan of kale. I’d like to be since it’s super healthy, but I’ve just never loved it. Chard? Yum. Kale? Meh. Well, I’m glad I finally came around :) Kale chips are delicious! I was shocked at how crunchy they are. And they’re ridiculously easy to make. You can flavor them with whatever seasoning you’d like – I’m partial to cumin.

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Vegetarianism and veganism is so commonplace, it’s downright respected. When a vegetarian or vegan says, “Oh, I can’t eat that, I’m vegetarian/vegan” – does he/she get weird looks? A blank stare? Confusion followed by “what’s vegetarian?”. Of course not. The response is a look of understanding. A knowing nod. Oftentimes even followed by, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know”. As if offering a vegetarian meat, or a vegan eggs was offensive and warranted some sort of apology. And I’ve certainly never seen someone counter a declaration of being vegetarian with shock or indignation or an argument as to why they should be eating meat. Just once I’d love to see someone respond with “You’re vegan? Man, that’s so unhealthy.” Keep reading…



I used to not be a fan of chains. I’m picky about where I spend my dining dollars, and there are so many neat independent places to try that have have original menus and need the business. I still prefer non-chain restaurants, but I’ve relaxed a little about occasionally visiting a restaurant like Cactus Club. They’re a safe bet if you’re meeting with a group of people with varying food preferences – there’s something for everyone. Or in my case, if you’re after a view, and Cactus Club just happens to have scored one of the best locations in town, right on the beach at English Bay.

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Start diet today
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A friend told me about an interesting conversation on the local radio station, the Beat 94.5 (sweet station, BTW). Radio hosts Kid Carson and Nira Arora were discussing dieting. Nira’s friend’s daughter (11 years old) wanted to copy her mom and diet to lose weight. Kid responded that people should eat healthy all the time rather than eating junk 24/7 only to occasionally go on a “healthy eating” diet. I couldn’t agree more. A diet is temporary. That’s one reason why paleo/primal shouldn’t be referred to as a “diet”. You don’t go off paleo – it really is a permanent lifestyle change. That’s why dieters’ weight yo-yo’s. As soon as you quit the diet, the weight creeps back on (if you even lost any in the first place).

The only problem is, eating “healthy” as per conventional wisdom doesn’t jive with eating “healthy” as per paleo/primal. So many people who eat “healthy” still end up overweight. These healthy eaters then either a) turn to dieting, which in their case most often ends up being calorie restriction or b) throw in the towel thinking they’re just meant to be overweight (blaming genes). Neither option leads them towards better health or a smaller waistline in the long run. Keep reading…