February 2013

Wildebeest Beef Cheeks

It’s not surprising that I would want to try a restaurant that right off the bat describes its food as:

“Meat-centric, off-cut farmhouse fare simply prepared with immaculate ingredients and thoughtful creativity.”

Vancouver isn’t exactly overflowing with restaurants that flaunt being “meat-centric.”

But even more importantly, I respect their approach to sourcing the meat:

“The gastronomically daring menu focuses on whole-animal cookery prepared with the utmost integrity. Each and every component has been thoughtfully nurtured by the restaurant’s executive chef, Wesley Young, from field to finish. We work closely with surrounding farms and farmers to organically raise healthy, happy animals and grow custom produce. Employing classic butchery traditions and simple, contemporary techniques, Wildebeest presents delicious menus of the season. This is food for food lovers.”

Good quality meat and plenty of it? Sign me up…

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On this week’s menu:

Lunch: Cream of Broccoli Soup with Chicken

Dinner: Paleo Shepherd’s Pie

Now I have food for most of the week – such is the joy of batch cooking :)

What are you eating?


Classic Chicken Liver Pâté

February 22, 2013


The other night after work, I had to decide between 2 snacks: my usual squares of dark chocolate, or this chicken liver pâté. It’s a testament to how ridiculously tasty and satisfying this pâté is that I chose the latter…

Chicken liver pâté is one of those classic, rustic dishes that should be a kitchen staple rather than a dinner party treat. And for it to be made frequently, on a whim, it mustn’t be fussy. The chicken livers are the star of this dish, and the other ingredients are only there to help the chicken livers shine. Sealing the pâté with butter is optional and more of a decorative touch, since I doubt it’ll be left uneaten for long enough for the seal to make a difference – without the seal, or once the seal is broken, the pâté should be okay for 4-5 days, especially if the livers are cooked through. Besides, if you make a big batch, it freezes great, so store some in the freezer for a rainy day (or, you know, next week).

Enjoy this pâté as a snack, light lunch, an appetizer, or just because you feel like it. Once you’ve tried it and seen how simple it is to make, I’m sure you won’t be needing an excuse to make it again and again.

Can be served with a light side salad, some cornichons, a charcuterie or cheese plate, or simply on its own. Spread it on whatever you’d like, or eat it by the spoonful as I do.

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On this week’s menu: Frittata Bites with Chard, Sausage, and Feta for lunch and Coq au Vin for dinner.

Now I have food for most of the week – such is the joy of batch cooking :)

What’s on your menu this week?



Tableau has been on my to try list for some time. This slightly upscale French Bistro is located at the base of the Loden Hotel in Coal Harbour. The décor is classic, with checkered floors, wood paneling, brass fixtures and an inviting, centrally located bar.

The Chef, Marc-André Choquette, has an impressive CV. He graduating from a Montreal culinary school, staged in Normandy at two-Michelin starred Restaurant Gill, and was a sous chef at both Lumiere and West.

Although the dinner menu appears somewhat limited, with only 6 mains to choose from, there is also a fixed daily special as well as the chef’s specials that day. All entrees are below $25, and there are a few $20 or less options.

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