February 2013


Brunch means it’s the weekend. You wake up to the sunlight streaming through your window (or in my case, the sound of rain), and not a screaming alarm clock. You have nothing planned except lazying around in your pajamas. You have the luxury of leafing through neglected magazines, perhaps even sneaking in a couple of chapters from one of those books piled on your nightstand. And when the notion of food beckons, you know you have the time to putter about your kitchen, to create something special.

That, for me, is the ideal morning, and the meaning behind brunch. And I have for you the perfect recipe for such a morning. The result is quite impressive, with its golden hue and  rich flavor of apples bathed in Calvados. But thankfully, the effort is minimal. So, once you have filled your belly with this yummy omelette, you can get back to doing nothing at all.

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I’m still on the hunt for the perfect French bistro in Vancouver. I’ve had great experiences in Seattle and Portland, but have yet to find the Vancouver equivalent. The closest I’ve come thus far would be Pied-â-Terre. But I’d prefer something a little more casual. So some friends and I checked out Le Parisien for brunch, seeking that quaint bistro charm. It was alright, but I’m sad to say that this isn’t the one.

The ambiance was too diner-ish for me. The food was okay, but except for the pâté, nothing really special. And service was lacking.

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Every January, I eagerly await the Dine Out Vancouver menus,  albeit with a little less anticipation each year. I prefer trying new restaurants rather than revisiting, unless the previous experience was spectacular. And it seems that with each year, Dine out becomes a little bit less exciting for me, as I see the same restaurants participating year after year, with few new additions.

I had been to CinCin before, but since it’s been almost 10 years, and the last time was for lunch, does it even count anymore? I decided to pay this Vancouver classic another visit.

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Keeping with the chicken salad lunch theme, this week it’s Lemon & Sage Chicken Salad.

And for dinner, something I haven’t eaten in a while: Beef Bulgogi.

Now I have food for most of the week – such is the joy of batch cooking :)

What’s on your menu this week?



The first time I had bone marrow was in a fancy French restaurant. Ordering this appetizer felt almost as adventurous as ordering escargot. The massive marrow bones, cut lengthwise, were quite the dramatic start to my meal. I felt mighty primal as I dug my spoon around the cavity, scraping out every last bit of the fatty goodness.

The same such marrow bones sat in my freezer for almost two years before I decided to try preparing them. I wish I had known then what I know now. Bone marrow is stupid easy to make. And yet, it looks impressive and is quite the conversation piece.

If you haven’t tried roasting marrow bones before, trust me when I say that you are missing out. Not only is bone marrow incredibly nutritious, its flavor and texture is second to none. You can either eat it on its own, or gussy it up slightly with a bit of parsley salad.  The bright and slightly acidic salad is a nice contrast to the fatty marrow. This is a rather popular way of serving bone marrow, with most crediting Fergus Henderson for the original recipe – variations abound, and the one below is how I enjoy it.

However you serve it, don’t wait as long as I did to try bone marrow for yourself!


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