Welcome to The Primalist :)

I started this blog to increase awareness of the paleo/primal lifestyle and to show how easy it is, by sharing my own journey. I’ve always been interested in health, nutrition, and well-being. I don’t buy into the “conventional wisdom” approach – the status of the general population’s health is proof of its failure. So, I tend to be open minded and curious about alternative ways of doing things.

When I first came across the notion of primal/paleo back in 2010, the information just clicked. It made so much sense that our ancestors only ate foods that they could hunt and gather, and that those are the foods that our bodies are built to consume. It was only in the last 10,000 years, with the development of agriculture that we began consuming grains, processed sugars, vegetable oils and other “foods” that we aren’t meant to eat. When we stray from our traditional diets of real food, sooner or later our health suffers.

One of the best ways to take control of our health is to prepare our own foods. I love to cook, and you’ll find many paleo/primal-compliant recipes for everything from cheesecake to meatza. However, you won’t find me spending countless hours in the kitchen – I swear by batch cooking: I spend a few hours shopping/cooking every weekend to prepare most of my meals for the following week. Batch cooking has freed up my time tremendously, and ensures I always have healthy, nourishing food on hand.

Even though I’m paleo, or perhaps because of it, I’m a bit of a foodie. I really enjoy trying new foods and restaurants, both locally in Vancouver, and in my travels; two of my favourites cuisines are French and Indian. You can see how I navigate the restaurant scene within the paleo/primal framework in my restaurant reviews.

I eat. I cook. I research. And I share all of my health and food-related thoughts and adventures on this blog.

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