Batch Cooking: Lamb Stew

December 11, 2012


Things are getting a little crazy pre-Christmas, so I’m keeping food simple. This lamb stew will be my lunch for the week. For the first time, I omitted the wine. I also used store bought broth because I had already guzzled my freezer stash. The second to last time I made broth, my large stock pot broke (unfortunate and deadly collision with the granite counters). I’ve been hunting for a replacement at Winners, but no luck thus far. So I used the massive Staub Dutch oven last time around, but it’s not match for the ginormous stockpot. Long story short, I went through that batch in a week. So. Although the stew is still quite enjoyable, it pales in comparison to the original recipe. Dunno whether it’s the lack of wine or the flavorless broth. I’m guessing both.

For dinner, I’ll be having steak & eggs (grilled up daily). Can’t go wrong with that.

Thanks to magic of batch cooking (lunch at least), I’m guaranteed to not starve for another week.

What’s on your menu this week?

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