Funny thing seems to be recurring lately. People keep thinking me I’m vegetarian, or worse – vegan. Vendors at the farmer’s market for some reason think I’d be more interested in their vegan products. Acquaintances halt their meat-centric stories with an “Oh wait, you’re vegetarian, right?” And friends casually throw in a nod to vegetarianism in my honor during a conversation. Of course I find all of this somewhat offensive. After all, I run a freakin’ paleo/primal blog – how dare they?! :P

So this got me thinking – why does this keep happening? What is it about me or my actions that makes people think I’m vegetarian? (And how do I stop it…)

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(Photo by Easa Shamih (eEko))

Coconuts are amazing. Which other fruit has so much to offer: delicious meat, fatty milk, almost magical oil, and of course mineral rich water. Coconut water isn’t just a delicious drink. Like the coconut itself, it’s got much more to offer than the obvious.

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(Photo by claireknights)

I recently wrote a post about how to help kids overcome picky eating, focusing on parents taking an active but not overbearing role in their kids’ diets. I received some questions from adults who were picky eaters themselves, and looking for tips. The good news about being a picky eater as an adult is that you can choose to experiment on yourself and try different things, which can be harder to get kids to do.

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Lights OUt

I read Lights Out – Sleep, Sugar and Survival (by T.S. Wiley with Brent Formby) because Robb Wolf kept relentlessly quoting it in his podcasts:

“Sleep as much as you can without getting divorced or fired.”

To which Robb has added:

“And if either the job sucks or the marriage is dodgy, then maybe those are worth shelving.”

With an endorsement like that, how could I not read the book? And I’m glad I did. Everyone knows that sleep is important. But this book permanently drills it into your head. I’m not saying that I now never go to bed late anymore, but I do definitely take the subject of sleep more seriously. And I’ve been making a more conscious and sustained effort to get more zzz’s. This has never been a huge problem for me, as I’m not much of a night owl, but I do like to be productive well into the evenings, so the book was a worthwhile reality check.

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Start diet today
(Photo by Alan Cleaver)

A friend told me about an interesting conversation on the local radio station, the Beat 94.5 (sweet station, BTW). Radio hosts Kid Carson and Nira Arora were discussing dieting. Nira’s friend’s daughter (11 years old) wanted to copy her mom and diet to lose weight. Kid responded that people should eat healthy all the time rather than eating junk 24/7 only to occasionally go on a “healthy eating” diet. I couldn’t agree more. A diet is temporary. That’s one reason why paleo/primal shouldn’t be referred to as a “diet”. You don’t go off paleo – it really is a permanent lifestyle change. That’s why dieters’ weight yo-yo’s. As soon as you quit the diet, the weight creeps back on (if you even lost any in the first place).

The only problem is, eating “healthy” as per conventional wisdom doesn’t jive with eating “healthy” as per paleo/primal. So many people who eat “healthy” still end up overweight. These healthy eaters then either a) turn to dieting, which in their case most often ends up being calorie restriction or b) throw in the towel thinking they’re just meant to be overweight (blaming genes). Neither option leads them towards better health or a smaller waistline in the long run. Keep reading…