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Dr. Oz Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet made it on to the Dr. Oz Show! Although Dr. Oz has mentioned paleo before, this time around he actually devoted half an episode to it. It aired yesterday, and although I PVR’d it, I was reluctant to watch it, worried that paleo would be misrepresented a la the Gary Taubes fiasco. I just finished watching it, and I’m pretty stoked…

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Hold the SPE, Not the Butter

January 23, 2013

SPE Certified

It should surprise no one that I would take issue with an article titled “Hold the Butter.” SPE is a logo which would indicate which dishes on a menu are “healthy.” The SPE stands for Sanitas Per Escam which is Latin for “health through food.” (Does anyone else find that pretentious?) “Those three letters are “supposed to convey a message that seems simple, on the surface, even if its execution is complex: Our team of experts has vetted this dish, and you can rest assured that it is good for you.” Somehow I doubt that’s going to help me sleep at night.

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(Photo by .curt.)

Health Canada recently published a statement with new guidelines on what to feed infants. Normally I wouldn’t even consider such a statement news, since I don’t purposely subject myself to hearing about the government’s dietary advice. But, this news was indeed quite shocking.

Are you ready for this? Lo and behold Health Canada is actually recommending that infants eat…. meat (and meat alternatives). What the? How did that happen? And why isn’t this breaking news? I’d expect riots out in the streets. How long before they get pressured into backtracking this statement? I’ve only seen it from a handful of news sources, some of which are more than  and some of them are all too happy to equate meat with tofu in the headlines. It’s almost like the media doesn’t want to touch this? Personally, I thought that the first article I saw was some sort of spoof until I checked the government website myself.  To my delight, here’s what I found:

“First complementary foods should be iron-rich. Recommend meat, meat alternatives, and iron-fortified cereal as an infant’s first complementary foods.”

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(Photo by: Maggiejumps)

I like hearing about celebrities going paleo or gluten-free – they have the ability to greatly spread awareness. I’ve already mentioned paleo Eva La Rue and gluten-free Novak Djokovic. There are now a few others on my radar. Jessica Biel and Mrs. USA 2011 Shannon Ford are the only ones on this list who are actually paleo. A few others have cut out wheat, sugar, dairy, or a combination of the three: Miley Cyrus, Zooey Deschanel, and Kim Kardashian. Interesting, I just realized that these are all ladies! So much for the caveman stereotype…

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I Eat Paleo

April 5, 2012

(Photo by Kimtaro)

Russ Crandall (Domestic Man) recently wrote a post called “The Difference Between Eating Paleo and Being Paleo”, which was featured on Free The Animal.

I came across the post a couple of days ago. At first I liked it, even though on the same day Russ’s post was published, I had happened to post something completely contradictory: I Can’t Eat That, I’m Paleo. Still, I found Russ’s post well written and funny, and I didn’t mind reading a different angle on the issue. But then I kept thinking back to his post, and it just wasn’t sitting well with me. What started out as a comment in response ended up being this. Keep reading…