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I like to talk the big talk about eating nose-to-tail. It’s wasteful not to, various parts that aren’t commonly eaten are chockfull of stuff that’s good for us, it’s economical, it’s respectful to the animal, I could go on. And I actually enjoy offal – liver, kidneys, heart, you name it. But as I found out recently, there’s a catch. With offal, and most meat in general, you don’t really recognize the body part. It all just looks like “meat”. But you put a recognizable body part in front of me, and I apparently turn into a girly-girl. Keep reading…


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It snowed last week in Vancouver. That’s not headline news, but it is almost May, and it’s Vancouver, which although wet, is supposed to at least be mild. As I write this, it’s sunny and bright out. I’ve never felt noticeably negatively affected by bad weather. I kind of hunker down for the winter and don’t really pay attention to the weather  – it is what it is. But on days like today, it’s apparent how alive I feel on a sunny day. When It’s bright out, I just feel like I want to do stuff. It’s like an energy / mood boost. The sun streaming through the window makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning. And it’s how I feel all summer. Which makes me wonder what it’d be like to live somewhere with more sun, like California – I notice there’s a large group of the paleo community in that neck of the woods. Do people always feel more energetic / vibrant there, or is it something that you get used to, so it stops having that affect? If most days are sunny, then maybe it doesn’t feel like you gotta take advantage of the day, because tomorrow and the day after are likely to be sunny also? Or is that just me making myself feel better… :P Keep reading…


Milk, Curry, and Goats

April 13, 2011

Photo by publicenergy

While grocery shopping at Whole Foods this weekend, I spotted Meeru Dhalwala, co-owner with husband Vikram Vij, of Vij’s and Rangoli. As I previously mentioned, Vij’s is considered “easily among the finest Indian restaurants in the world,” and Rangoli is the bistro next door. I love how flavourful Indian cuisine is. I think it’s a common misconception that Indian food has to be spicy (spicy meaning heat). Some of the best Indian food I’ve had was chockfull of spices but packed very little heat. Instead, it had a complex and rich medley of flavours. Curry is one of my favourite foods to make and eat. In fact, although I generally avoid nightshades, I draw the line at spices (e.g. paprika and cayenne), which are quite common in curries. So I was a little excited to have spotted Meeru. I overheard her saying that she was there to pick up some dairy for one or their dishes, but that her 2 daughters drink raw milk. I thought that was pretty cool – if you’re going to drink milk, make it raw. I wonder where they source their raw milk. It’s illegal in Canada, but there’s a loophole via cowshares. The nearest cowshare is in Chilliwack, Home on the Range, which has been in and out of operation due to authorities persistently attempting to shut it down. Although if anyone can source raw milk, I’m sure it’s these two restauranteurs. Keep reading…


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I’ve become very protective of my time. I had to work last weekend, as well as some evenings lately, and realized just how much I value my free time. Eight hours of  work a day (at minimum) – that’s half our waking hours, assuming we sleep for 8 hours. Add to that some time for getting ready for work (I may be paleo, but I’m still a girl…) and a commute for some, and your free time really dwindles – most of us are lucky to get 4 hours of free time a day.

And it seems like the healthier I attempt to be, the more there is I want to do, and the more I cherish my time. Between exercising (the fun and healthy kind, not “chronic cardio”), being outside (usually exercise-related), reading (online and books), blogging, hanging out with friends, cooking, etc. – who has time for work?? And that’s just listing the fun stuff – what about chores, errands, responsibilities… Keep reading…