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1) A Simple Fix for Farming

2) Student Compares Toilet Water To Ice At Fast Food Joints, With Disturbing Results

3) Airline pilot has nowhere to escape from wireless radiation

4) Living Produce Aisle grows the greens it sells, right in the store

5) What if we skipped work to grow food one day a week?

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1) Kellogg Mini-Wheats Recall: Millions Of Boxes Possibly Contaminated With Metal Pieces. As if the wheat itself wasn’t deadly enough…

2) Not that I need encouragement, but… “Eat chocolate, win the Nobel Prize?”

3) Why Does Bad News Stress Women Out More than Men?

4) Early Humans Commonly Consumed Meat, Researchers Say

5) What’s a “natural” flavor?

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1) How fat has become the new normal

2) The Case For A 21-Hour Work Week

3) “Ostrich Pillow” for your napping pleasure. Hilarious.

4) So apparently that Gangnam Style song is good for something.

5) “Isn’t it weird that people think five-toed shoes look weird?”

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1) Cell phone radiation and your brain (CNN)

2) Smoking banned in 42-storey Vancouver condo tower

3) Study: Chocolate Works Like Morphine on the Brain

“The rats didn’t appear to be enjoying the chocolate any more than they had before their neostriatums were stimulated; rather, their binging behavior seemed to be all about the urge to consume.”

4) Artist Takes Every Drug Known to Man, Draws Self Portraits After Each Use

5) How to Stop Hospitals From Killing Us

“Medical mistakes kill enough people each week to fill four jumbo jets. But these mistakes go largely unnoticed by the world at large, and the medical community rarely learns from them. The same preventable mistakes are made over and over again, and patients are left in the dark about which hospitals have significantly better (or worse) safety records than their peers.”

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1) Plastic-Wrapped Peeled Bananas At Billa Supermarket Chain Prompts Outrage

2)  Preemies’ Brains Reap Long-Term Benefits from Kangaroo Mother Care

3) Arsenic in your food [rice]

“Our resulting analysis of 3,633 study participants found that on average, people who reported eating one rice food item had total urinary arsenic levels 44 percent greater than those who had not, and people who reported consuming two or more rice products had levels 70 percent higher than those who had no rice.”

4) French Study Finds Tumours in Rats Fed GM Corn

5) Birth Is No Reason to Go to Hospital, Review Suggests

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