Restaurant Reviews

Araxi Roasted Tomato Frittata

I seem to have a love/hate relationship with the Whistler food scene. I adore being in Whistler and the idea of enjoying a great al fresco meal out on a patio somewhere. And apparently, I love Araxi, as it was my second time there and both experiences were fantastic. But what I dislike is a lack of other options. If you stroll the village and type the name of each restaurant into Urbanspoon, you’ll be shocked at the low ratings. My friend and I sat down at one patio (seated ourselves as there was no one around), and then overheard a table complaining about how long the food’s taking – the server’s response was that they have a small, slow kitchen. And it wasn’t even busy, so we bolted – I’ve learned that oftentimes it’s best to listen to your guy and just walk away. We decided to re-visit Araxi, since it was so great the first time around (and because I pretty much refuse to dine somewhere rated below 80% on Urbanspoon – I typically try to stick to 85%+). I also discovered Purebread, which has some gluten-free goodies, and strolled the farmer’s market. Non-food wise, Brandywine falls are beautiful. Read on to find out about this round of eats in Whistler.

Brandywine Falls

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Beaucoup Bakery Macaron Frais

Beaucoup Bakery occupies a small but lovely spot in the South Granville area. The high ceilings, large windows, and pretty details like potted orchids and floral mugs that match the branding create a bright, welcoming space. There are a few small tables out front, and limited seating inside – so be prepared to either wait or take your treats to go, as they do get quite busy, especially on weekends.

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Pike Place Market Crabs

My culinary adventures continue with lunch at Boat St. Café, dinner at Spur Gastropub, a tour of the Theo Chocolate factory, and a mandatory stop at the legendary Pike Place Market.

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I’ve been meaning to do a foodie tour of Seattle for some time now. Last time I was there was just for a day, and I didn’t feel like I made a large enough dent in the food scene. This time around, a friend and I went down for two days of gastronomic adventures. And we even managed to fit in some non-food related touristy stops like the Seattle Great Wheel. Awesome weather, delicious food and a fun weekend of exploring.


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Dolce Gelato

I’ll readily admit that I’m an ice cream and gelato snob. Nine times out of ten, I’ll walk into a shop, sample a couple of flavours, and walk out empty handed. And that’s assuming that I even step inside in the first place. I love frozen treats, and I know what the good stuff is supposed to taste like. I don’t get any enjoyment from eating subpar ice cream – plus, ice cream and gelato are primal-ish at best. So, I’d rather pass unless it’s really something special. And let me tell you, Dolce Gelato is definitely something special. I haven’t discovered gelato this good since Bella Gelateria, which still ranks first in my mind. But while there’s a certain refinement and sophistication to Bella’s gelato that is hard to match, there’s a kind of rustic, homemade charm that I enjoy about Dolce Gelato.

White Rock Pier

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