Nom Nom Paleo Egg Foo Young

I was super excited to hear that Michelle from the fabulous blog Nom Nom Paleo is creating a cookbook, and even mores stoked to have it in my hands! This book is a massive, hefty hardcover, with over 100 “nomtastic” recipes.

What I think most people will appreciate most is how approachable this cookbook is. Not only are the recipes well-written and easy to follow, but each one has multiple photos to guide you through the process. And the fun comic book theme throughout, along with the family photos and humour helps show how fun cooking and paleo can be. I personally love the emphasis on flavour (umami!), and the large assortment of creative recipes.

Nom Nom Paleo Egg Foo Young 3

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Fermented Book Review

I have been wanting to try my hand at fermentation for quite some time. I completely believe in its all of its benefits, and I eat unpasteurized sauerkraut regularly. But fermenting myself? I hadn’t quite worked up the guts to do that, until now. I was super excited to review Jill Ciciarelli’s book, Fermented, because it meant I’d finally have to commit to actually fermenting something. And luckily for me, Fermented was the perfect guide through the process.

Fermented Carrot sticks 3

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J&G Steakhouse Filet Mignon with Bearnaise Sauce

This was my second time to Scottsdale and Phoenix in Arizona, and I remain markedly impressed by the food scene. So many great restaurants serving fantastic food, fun ambiance, and terrific service. Other than for the weather, most people seem go to Arizona to golf – I go there to eat. Read on to check out my reviews of Chelsea’s Kitchen, Citizen Public House, J&G Steakhouse, and Zinc Bistro.

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Against All Grain Curried Short Ribs 2

I love cookbooks. I could (and sometimes do) flip through them endlessly, looking for inspiration and imagining the possibility of all those tasty creations. The thing about being a food blogger though is I don’t often actually get to cook from cookbooks. I rarely follow a recipe, instead I’m always trying to come up with fresh, new ideas for my blog.

So, I was excited to review Against All Grain by Danielle Walker – not only because I’d finally have an excuse to follow a recipe to a T, but also because it’s entirely paleo!  No substitutions or adjustments required! There are so many yummy recipes to choose from, and they’re all beautifully photographed. Danielle is the author of the popular blog againstallgrain.com, and this is her debut cookbook.

One of the first questions people always ask me when they hear I’m paleo (primal) is what the heck do I eat? Life without bread seems to boggle minds. Well, here are 348 pages of delicious ideas, plus even some menu suggestions at the back. They range the gamut from breakfast, to appetizers, to mains and all sorts of sweets and goodies. Flipping through this cookbook is bound to get your creative (and digestive!) juices flowing.

Against All Grain Curried Short Ribs

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