Drinking too much tea, and other rituals…

January 12, 2012

Tea rituals
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Do you ever find yourself following these little rituals that become hard to kick? I started drinking tea over the Holidays, as a “treat”. I’ve always enjoyed a good cup of tea, but it was either sporadic, or with purpose (for a little afternoon energy boost). But over the Holidays, it was daily and for pure enjoyment. Specifically, I got hooked on black tea with heavy cream. It was good stuff, too – the very flavorful loose leaf fancy kind. And now, back at work, I find myself having two teas a day, which is highly unusual for me. I’m now drinking the tea out of habit more than anything else. And it’s become a little ritual that breaks up my day – “tea time!”. Anyways, I’m trying to kick it.

You keep hearing about the benefits of various teas, with some articles saying you should drink 5 cups a day. I don’t really buy it. Plus, even with two cups I feel so full – it’s a lot of liquid in addition to all the water I’m drinking. At least I’m getting more good fats in, now that I’m bringing my own organic heavy cream to work, as opposed to the conventional half & half that’s provided (bleh).

I don’t know about these little rituals. I think it’s better to be more spontaneous and mix things up. I remember how having daily after-work snacks helped get me into trouble a while back. You start to react to a certain time or event, and then consume something whether you really want it or not. Of course you think you want it – but when you think a little harder about it (especially at another time of day to give yourself some objectivity), it’s often simply conditioning.

So I’m gonna try to cut back to one tea a day at most – slowly weaning myself off altogether. Why? Well, if you enjoy having a ritual, or love tea, or drink it for its health benefits, that’s great. But for me, in addition to being bugged by doing something just for the sake of habit, the tea doesn’t seem to sit that well with me for whatever reason – I just don’t feel any better off after it, and potentially actually feel slightly “off”. I’d also like to eliminate caffeine (I’m pretty close since I don’t drink coffee and only occasionally indulge in dark chocolate). And I generally prefer to stick to water anyway. Also, when I do have some tea, I’d like for it to be the “good stuff” – not the cheap stuff at work. Perhaps if I committed to only drinking high quality tea, I’d drink less of it. Although I’d probably just end up bringing my own tea to work, so cutting back in general is probably the best way to go. And I’m also making sure that the “after-work snack time” doesn’t creep back into my schedule.

Do you have any food-related rituals?

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Allison December 29, 2012 at 3:54 PM

why try to cut out caffeine? just wondering.

I tend to drink coffee and tea a few times a week. I do it because I like it. Also because I see no harm in it.


[email protected] January 4, 2013 at 12:37 PM

Caffeine is a pretty controversial topic. There are lots of articles and studies showing its positive effects. But in my opinion, there are many more showing its potential harm. In my opinion, caffeine is not good for you. At what dose does it start being harmful? I think that depends on the individual. I’m not against having a cup of green tea, but for the most part I do avoid coffee. Here’s a great article summarizing reasons to avoid coffee: http://drhyman.com/blog/2012/06/13/ten-reasons-to-quit-your-coffee/


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