Organic Lives Chocolate Macaroons

March 15, 2012


I tend to stay away from any packaged treats/snacks for obvious reasons. If I stray, usually it’s enough for me to read the ingredient label to be grossed out enough to walk away. But I came across these little gems the other day – Organic Lives chocolate macaroons. I originally tried them a couple of years ago at a Capers (now Whole Foods) food fair, where all the vendors showcase their products (i.e. samples!). I absolutely loved them! But I hadn’t seen them since – I think they may have only been available at the Organic Lives store or online. But the other day, while perusing the Drive Organics grocery/health store on Commercial Drive, I came across them again! (You’ll notice in the picture below that only one made it home for the photoshoot :P ).


Why are these so exciting? Well, for starters, they only have 6 ingredients, 3 of which are from coconuts.

Ingredients: organic cold-pressed Thai coconut butter, organic Thai coconut flakes (dried at very low temperature), organic raw Balinese cacao powder,  organic Quebec heritage maple syrup, OrganicLives Thai coconut oil, organic & bio-dynamic Indian vanilla.

Three of those ingredients happen to be faves: coconut, chocolate, and vanilla. Plus, these macaroons are sweetened with maple syrup, not refined sugar or agave nectar. And they are gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. Oh and of course, they’re delicious! I only wish that the price was lower ($4.50 for a package of 3) and that they were more widely available (I haven’t seen them anywhere else yet).

I love the warning label: May Cause Excessive Happiness

I checked out the Organic Lives websites – it’s a raw vegetarian/vegan wholesaler with a store and restaurant component. You can order stuff online as well. I’m surprised I’m interested in a vegan shop, but what sets this place apart is that they seem to eschew grains (for the most part), and so they sell some interesting products. I may have to do some “further investigation”. :)

Update: I have now found Organic Lives Macaroons at Whole Foods (sold in packages by weight).

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Nellie March 15, 2012 at 6:35 AM

I found similar macaroons made by Hail Merry at my local Whole Foods…. I think they sell them online as well. Last time I bought them (fine! it was yesterday!) I drove home with the package in the trunk. They would’ve never made it home otherwise.


[email protected] March 15, 2012 at 9:29 AM

Lol. Thanks, I feel better about devouring mine :)


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