Pizza with Cream Cheese Crust

April 8, 2011


I didn’t think I’d ever be eating pizza again. It was one of the foods I had given up when going paleo / primal. Or was it? I make substitutions when cooking all the time. But I don’t like eating variations of foods that just make me crave the real thing. So I was excited but skeptical about this Sicilian-style pizza at Erica’s blog, “Stuff I Make My Husband”. As part of her “Great Pizza Experiment”, she actually made and compared 12 different non-grain pizzas (lucky husband!). We used that Sicilian-style pizza recipe for the base, and topped it with venison prosciutto (from Oyama), shredded roasted chicken, spinach, mozzarella, caramelized red onions, and pineapple (my favourite topping).

So how was it? It turned out decent. I felt like I was eating pizza, and the toppings were delicious. But the crust tasted… processed? And a little too cream-cheesy. The crust to me tasted like a strange dessert. And I say strange because you won’t usually hear me complaining about something that tastes like dessert. I would definitely recommend making it just to try if it appeals to you.  But we’ve since made another pizza (beef meatza) that tastes infinitely better – I’ll post the pics / recipe link soon.

What’s your favourite non-grain pizza recipe?


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