Primal Dining at Hamilton Street Grill

May 2, 2011


I never used to like steakhouses. I like variety when eating out, and really, how many ways can you grill a steak. You choose a cut of beef, specify how you want it done (medium-rare, please), and choose a side. Booooring….

But since going paleo / primal, I’m starting to appreciate the simplicity. You get a hunk of meat, and some veggies – sounds pretty primal. Although grains are everywhere, that’s one meal it’d be hard for them to sneak into. The preparation’s pretty basic also, the steaks get thrown onto a grill (or into a broiler) and are often brushed with butter, meaning you might not even get exposed to vegetable oils. The only real issues I see is that the meat is typically not organic, and it’s grain-fed. Even if you get some that’s grass-fed, it’ll still typically be grain-finished to get that marbling effect. Overall though, it seems like it’s tough to beat a good steakhouse for primal dining.

The one I visited recently was Hamilton Street Grill, in Vancouver’s Yaletown. If you’re a Vancouverite, make sure to use an entertainment book coupon! I got the ribeye steak, “16 unapologetic ounces of marbled certified Angus beef.” It’s a la carte, so I also split a side of garlic sautéed mushrooms and some asparagus with my friend. I also asked for some butter on the side, which of course the server seemed surprised with. When I was done, he came over to see how I’m doing, joking about bringing me another – I just laughed and said bring it on. I guess he’s not used to ladies, especially in Yaletown (today’s Groupon was for an upscale Yaletown pet store called “Barking Babies”…) devouring 16 ounce pieces of meat, with extra butter on the side. Meh, I could’ve finished another one…


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