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May 15, 2013

Acme Cafe Meringues

I visited Acme Café with a single target in mind: their lemon meringue pie. I’m doing some meringue “research” (no, really, it’s for potential future recipes), and Acme is purported to have the best lemon meringue pie in town. In fact, it’s been featured on the cover of Vancouver magazine as part of their list of 101 Things to Taste (2011).

It was quite the successful Acme outing. Not only did I claim their last piece of lemon meringue pie, but they had two other types of meringue as well! I sampled their chocolate dipped orange meringues as well as their chocolate meringue cookies with white chocolate chunks.

Acme Cafe Lemon Meringue Pie

First, the pie. Its towering mountain of meringue was impressive. Light, and not cloyingly sweet – well done! The lemon filling packed a lip puckering sweet/sour punch. A little bit on the sweet side, but still very enjoyable. The crust was very thin, which made avoiding it easier (I don’t eat gluten). The best in town accolades make sense.

The chocolate dipped orange meringues were surprising – they were moist and citrusy on the inside. Great textural contrast to the crunchy exterior. They were too sweet for me, but that’s to be expected – a meringue is simply egg whites and sugar, after all.

I also enjoyed the crunchiness of the chocolate meringue cookies. They were also too sweet for me, but I did like how intensely chocolatey they tasted.

Acme Cafe Blueberry Pie

My friend tried the blueberry pie, and was very pleased with it. I sampled the blueberry filling, and could see why – very tasty.

The space was retro diner-ish, welcoming but sparse. The service was great – very friendly and welcoming. Overall, as far as meringue goes, and treats in general, Acme Café exceeded my expectations – nice variety and execution.

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