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July 3, 2013

Dolce Gelato

I’ll readily admit that I’m an ice cream and gelato snob. Nine times out of ten, I’ll walk into a shop, sample a couple of flavours, and walk out empty handed. And that’s assuming that I even step inside in the first place. I love frozen treats, and I know what the good stuff is supposed to taste like. I don’t get any enjoyment from eating subpar ice cream – plus, ice cream and gelato are primal-ish at best. So, I’d rather pass unless it’s really something special. And let me tell you, Dolce Gelato is definitely something special. I haven’t discovered gelato this good since Bella Gelateria, which still ranks first in my mind. But while there’s a certain refinement and sophistication to Bella’s gelato that is hard to match, there’s a kind of rustic, homemade charm that I enjoy about Dolce Gelato.

White Rock Pier

Dolce Gelato Flavors 2

I tried several flavors, starting with the pistachio, which is my yardstick flavour. If it doesn’t taste like actual pistachios, there’s no point continuing. Dolce passed the pistachio test with flying colors. And I was shocked to find that I didn’t try a single flavor that I did not like. My intention was to just buy one scoop, but I quickly realized there was no way that would be possible.

Dolce Gelato Flavors

I picked the ricotta and caramelized pecan gelato along with the rhubarb sorbet, which was even more surprising because I favor gelato over sorbet, and rarely purchase the latter. But the rhubarb was so true to its flavour – tart and not hidden under layers of sugar – that I couldn’t resist. The ricotta was more subtle in flavour, but definitely tasted like ricotta. And it was dotted with delicious candied pecans.

I forgot the names of the ones my friend had, but one had cherries and the other was a mix of nuts, rum, and I believe orange peel. It was a flavour party in your mouth.

Dolce Gelato enjoys a primo location on White Rock’s main strip, right across from the pier. It’s a small, family-owned gelato shop that’s only open in the summer months. The gelato is made fresh daily and features local ingredients. There are so many shops selling ice cream or gelato on the strip. Do yourself a favor and head straight for Dolce Gelato – they’re the real deal.

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