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September 13, 2012


I’ve been known to lament the lack of quality ice cream in Vancouver. Hey, at least we have some awesome gelato. And now we have a new addition to the ice cream scene: Earnest Ice Cream.

“We’re picky about our ingredients. In our opinion ice cream is no place for chemical stabilizers or artificial colors and flavours. We start with an all natural base of local milk, cream and eggs. We use whole food ingredients and want you to know exactly what’s in every scoop.”

Clearly, that’s right up my alley. But they’re not easy to chase down. They don’t have a storefront, but do sell ice cream out of their bicycle at farmer’s markets and other events, and a couple of East Vancouver stores sell their ice cream by the jar.

I recently tried two of their flavors: whiskey with butter salted hazelnut and raspberry. I especially liked the raspberry, which tasted just like raspberry and wasn’t overly sweet. As for the whiskey one, I couldn’t really taste either the whiskey or the hazelnuts. I had also previously tried the salted caramel and found it cloyingly sweet.

I was surprised at how expensive the ice cream was. It was $5 for a single scoop and $7 for a double. But the scoops were tiny! Which would make it even more expensive than Bella Gelateria.

I applaud Earnest Ice Cream for their use of quality ingredients (although I would like to see them actually listed on the website – otherwise, I guess I’ll have to go checkout a jar). I’d be interested in trying some more of their flavors, since I only really liked the raspberry so far. And I wish it was more reasonably priced and easy to buy. But I do see some potential, and am up for more “research.”

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kareem December 16, 2012 at 9:28 PM

I was as excited as you to check out Earnest, but unfortunately crashed so hard after eating a scoop from Harvest (http://harvestunion.ca). I love ice cream and their philosophy, but the insulin crash after the one scoop has unfortunately kept me away since.


[email protected] January 4, 2013 at 12:44 PM

It’s not easy to find quality ice cream that isn’t overly sweet.. I’ve been tempted to make my own but thus far have only experimented with popsicles (which turned out delicious, btw).


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