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January 8, 2013


I was thrilled when a friend surprised me with a box of macarons from Faubourg. I had heard great things about this little Kerrisdale bakery. As I joyfully photographed these beautiful macarons (with the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy store), I reflected on how easy it is to make a foodie happy – just gimme something good to eat. And yes, I did share :)


Faubourg did not disappoint. The macarons burst with flavour – there was no need to guess what flavour you are eating – it was deliciously clear. They were also quite pretty to look at, too – uniform in shape and size, and good filling to cookie ratio. Judging by the colours though, I’d venture to guess that they use food colouring (sad but not unusual amongst macaron purveyors).

The texture was true to form – I like my macarons a little more chewy, but I believe these are what they’re traditionally meant to be like. As you can see from the photo below, they keep their shape when you cut them in half, and don’t crumble into a million pieces.


All of the macarons were tasty, and not overly sweet (considering that they’re macarons). I especially enjoyed the pistachio, vanilla, and coffee flavors. My least favourite was probably the lemon (it was the sweetest out of the bunch). Overall, these macarons would definitely rank up there among the best in Vancouver – Soirette and Thomas Haas would probably be the main competition (although my personal favourite is still probably the more dense/chewy ones found at Thierry).

I’m looking forward to stopping by Faubourg myself to check out some of their desserts – hopefully they have some gluten-free offerings. Worst case scenario, I guess I’ll try some more macarons – hey, you gotta have a back-up plan…

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