Primal Eats Vancouver – Gluten-free, Beef Tallow Yam Fries @ Max’s Burgers

February 4, 2012


That’s right. Not only are the yam fries at Max’s Burgers gluten-free, but they’re also fried in beef tallow. I was shocked. And elated. When the lady there answered my what are they fried in probing with beef tallow, she was almost apologetic about it. It seemed like she was expecting me to talk away. This is Vancouver after all, and they are located across the street from vegan-trending Whole Foods. Are you kidding me?! I can actually eat these, really??

Have I mentioned that I love yams? If not, I think the above gave it away. Unfortunately, not only are yam fries usually fried in all sorts of high omega 6 oils, but they’re also coated in gluten (flour). Thankfully, they used rice for these – it was either rice flour or starch, I can’t remember – I was too happy they didn’t say gluten. I do wonder if it would be possible to just not use anything at all…

I’ve been anticipating Max’s Burgers’ opening for a while – the sign was up but they were renovating inside for quite some time. And now here they are. And did I mention they serve gluten-free, beef tallow yam fries? Okay, I’m done :P They serve burgers too – my friend had one and said it was pretty good, though pricey – they use “fresh, griddled Alberta chuck with no fillers or weird crap”. The yam fries weren’t cheap either ($6.50). Now, if only the tallow was organic….

Most interestingly, here’s a snippet from their website about why they use beef tallow:

Top 5 Reasons Beef Tallow is the superior fat for frying:

1- BEST TASTE! Everybody from Ray Kroc to James Beard agrees

2- Uber high in Vitamin D, good for your bones & muscles, now and later, jump around!

3- Higher smoking point makes for stable oil, less free radicals generated, that’s good.

4- Beef tallow is protective against metastatic breast tumours. Our fries r pink!

Aw, Vancouver – I’m so proud of you :) Oh and PS, they’re licensed. Just saying.

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