Primal Eats Vancouver – Hop by Mondo Burger Bar for some Kangaroo

August 17, 2011


So Mondo Burger Bar isn’t technically in Vancouver – it’s in Richmond, Steveston Village to be exact. Steveston Village is a nice destination in itself – picturesque, right along the riverfront. It was originally a salmon canning centre, and has maintained its heritage character – it still remains a small fishing village.

Photo by mybulldog

Mondo Burger Bar was a good excuse to visit Steveston, plus they had a Groupon – what more could you ask for? Oh wait, how about exotic burger meats like kangaroo, bison, and elk? And an option for it to be served “in a bowl” – i.e. bunless, right on the menu.

How could I pass up trying kangaroo? It scores very high on the cuteness factor scale for me, but luckily, ground meat is pretty unrecognizable. I opted for a “built” Paris burger (fresh thyme, brie cheese, roasted garlic aioli, and onions) with kangaroo meat. I didn’t find the kangaroo meat to have a distinct flavor, like say lamb. But it did taste a little gamey (in a good way). I googled afterwards to see what other people thought kangaroo meat tastes like, and this answer on Yahoo is actually pretty accurate :P

“Imagine a cow and a deer got it on in a non-creepy way, the resulting beef-meets-venison flavour is where kangaroo’s at”

The burger was pretty good. Also, it reminded me that I need to use brie more! It’s delicious on a burger, and adds a great texture. For the less adventurous, they also have a 100% organic beef burger on the menu (as well as chicken, lamb, and fish). If you’re in the Steveston area, or playing tourist, I’d recommend Mondo, at the very least, to try kangaroo if you’ve never had it before.

There’s also a cool deli practically next door – Heringers Olde Fashioned Quality Meats. Back in my pre-primal days, I’d always try to track down some yummy bakery treat wherever I went. Now my options are more limited, but I still love trying to find something new and yummy to munch on. The deli had two things of interest. One: delicious, sweet, massive pickled herring, found in a large jar near the front of the store. Two: 7 layer chocolate halva, which I was skeptical about since it’s known for being rather sweet, and I figured there’d be tons of sugar in it. But since it looked so pretty, I decided to inquire.


Sweetened with honey, with the other ingredients being chocolate and sesame seeds. Yes, please. They had other flavors too, including pistachio. It was still rather sweet, but a very nice indulgence (for what it’s worth, I managed to refrain from devouring it and instead savoured it over a couple of days, although I couldn’t quite resist long enough to take a proper pic).

Have you ever tried kangaroo? What did you think?

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Phil September 7, 2011 at 1:49 AM

Being Australian, it’s pretty easy to get a good Kangaroo meat as steak, sausage or minced. When done correctly, it is absolutely glorious – cooked anything more than medium rare is akin to sinful behaviour. Fresh kangaroo meat is possibly the best meat available, and with Kangaroos being ridiculously plentiful, and breeding quite a lot, there’s no real shortage of them to eat.

So in other words, yes I’ve eaten Kangaroo, and it’s glorious. I had no idea however that places were selling it in BC, even though I lived in North Van for two years.


[email protected] September 7, 2011 at 8:29 AM

It’s good to hear an Australian’s perspective on kangaroo meat! Interestingly, a couple of weekends ago I was eating at Chill Winston in Gastown, and they actually had Kangaroo carpaccio. Sounds like this would’ve given me a better taste of it. But although I’ve eaten beef carpaccio, I couldn’t quite warm up to the idea of kangaroo carpaccio. Next time. Maybe.


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