Primal Eats Vancouver: Meat & Bread

September 26, 2012


Or in my case, just meat, please. I suppose it’s a tad demanding to go into a sandwich shop and tell them you don’t want a sandwich… but the meats all sound so delicious, so what’s a paleo girl to do? So a friend who was eating there did just that, and grabbed me some chow to go: only the “good stuff”, no bread. There wasn’t any sort of bunless/lettuce wrap option, so it was quite simply just the meat. I suppose I could’ve paid another $4 for a side salad, but that’d be adding a salad rather than simply serving the sandwich differently. But really there was enough meat for my liking, so that’s fine. My friend said the service was good, and although there was a line, it moved along efficiently. This was at their new downtown location (they can also be found in Gastown).


The menu’s very basic – only four sandwiches. The ingredients are locally sourced. The owners describe the shop as a “simple and classic ode to the butcher shop”. I like the concept – simple, good food.

The most popular sandwich is the porchetta, with its crunchy crackling. That’s what my friend had, along with a side of chili. He found the sandwich a little bit dry, quite salty, but overall tasty (especially the crackling). The chili was also good and could’ve been a meal in and of itself.


But, of course, it was beef for me. More specifically, the daily special: beef chuck roll (red wine braised beef, red onion marmalade, grainy Dijon aioli, mushroom jus).


The sandwich is quite literally meat plus bread, with very little in terms of garnishes. Since I was having it without bread, I wish there were more toppings. But I don’t think that would be a problem for anyone that’s eating it as a sandwich on their freshly baked ciabatta buns.


The beef was tender, flavorful, and well-seasoned. And I really liked the small amount of toppings that were there. I just wish they had a salad/bowl serving option, which would be pretty easy to implement. Overall, Meat & Bread is a pretty decent lunch option.

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