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June 22, 2011


Right when you walk through the door of Moderne Burger, you feel like you’ve gone back in time. This retro burger joint is  a blast from the past, with funky décor, blue booths, and a simple, no-fuss menu. I tried this place while on my elimination diet, and felt better knowing that:

“Our hand-made Steak Burgers are made fresh daily, using no fillers, preservatives or seasonings of any kind.”

Their choices are basically beef, turkey, veggie or wild salmon burger, with some pretty basic toppings, as well as fries. And of course, sodas, floats, and shakes (pass). I had a double patty (12 ounce) burger, lettuce, mushrooms and onions. I’m always amused how my bun-less burger makes such an impression on people. Without fail, someone stares. This time it was a whole table of customers craning their necks to see what I was eating. And funnily enough, when their order came in, one of the burgers was bun-less (changing the world, one bun-free burger at a time….).

Although I’m happy the burger wasn’t seasoned with anything, I wish it hadn’t tasted so bland. No seasoning doesn’t have to mean no flavour. Perhaps I’m just used to flavorful grass-fed beef. But even compared to other burger joints, this one just wasn’t up to par. Maybe it’s the seasonings which unfortunately made the others better. Or maybe it’s because I usually have my burger with cheese, which was missing here (elimination diet). But even if I were to overlook the blandness, it wasn’t as juicy as I had hoped. Sure, it was in a different league from something at McDonald’s or Wendy’s, but I kept thinking back to the Fat Burger I had in Vegas, and how much juicier that one was.

So overall, I liked the dining experience, the ambience, and the very friendly service. And I’d eat there again if I was stuck for options since they don’t put gunk in their burgers. But it’s not somewhere that I’ll be frequenting or raving to my friends about. If you’re not as picky about the meat, and add on lots of toppings, I think it could be a worthwhile spot to try out.

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