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May 23, 2012


Sometimes you just want something quick, simple, and cheap. But of course, without compromising on quality and taste. Urban Fare to the rescue. Urban Fare is Vancouver’s upscale grocery store serving the residential downtown core. Prices can be rather upscale too, except not so much on the takeout food, and not on their groceries, either, if you pay attention to sales. Surprisingly, they tend to have some great sales on organic eggs and dairy, dark chocolate (of which they have a large selection), and meat.

Their cafeteria has quite a few takeout options. There’s the pre-packaged to-go food (coleslaws and other such salads, sushi, meatballs, etc.), the counter full of various food items (salmon, kabobs, quiches, etc.), the self-serve buffet (daily international theme like Indian, French, and Italian – by weight), and the hot bar. I’m not very impressed with their buffet – it looks good, but ends up costing an arm and a leg, and isn’t anything to write home about. I’d say the best bang for your buck is the hot bar. I typically always get the same thing – a chicken thigh with a half side of veggies, for $7 with taxes. Now that’s a deal. They also have lamb (sauce is thick, probably flour in it, had a stomachache afterwards) and ribs, as well as a daily meat “carvery” special. You probably can’t go wrong with most of those. But I find the chicken has the simplest ingredients (no sauce), and it’s also where the value’s at.

I’ve bought various take-out items at all 3 locations. I’ve only had one instance where the veggies weren’t very fresh. Otherwise, the service and food quality has been consistently good. Next time you’re downtown and want some quality convenient food at a reasonable price, I’d definitely recommend stopping by Urban Fare.

Note: The Kerrygold butter in the picture above was my addition, at home :P

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