Primal Eats Vancouver: Vij’s Railway Express

June 20, 2012


Vancouver is no exception to the food truck craze sweeping across North America, and the most recent addition to its food truck fleet is Vij’s Railway Express. As can be seen by the huge lines, Vancouver is very excited for one of its favourite chefs to cruise over to the downtown core.

Weekdays during lunch, the truck is parked at 1075 W. Georgia St. Also, during summer weekends, it can be found at False Creek’s Fisherman’s Wharf, between Go Fish and the Roaming Dragon. And there have been rumours of dinner hours coming soon. Be sure to check @VijsRailway for location/schedule updates. Vij has been there to greet the crowds, and of course, hand out cassava fries.


The changing menu items are representative of stops along India’s railway, showcasing regional specialties. Spice-wimps beware – just like at Vij’s Restaurant, there are no mild/medium/hot options. A word of advice, get a blueberry lassi or ginger drink to douse the flames!


The packaging of all the foods and beverages is pretty cool – eco-friendly, functional and stylish at the same time. The lassis come in cool bags – and yes, you can put them down, they stand up much like a cup would.  The all-around fun factor of this food truck is definitely high.

All three beverages – the lassi, ginger lemon drink and chai – are delicious.  The chai has almond and pistachio slivers floating around which is a great touch.

The cassava fries are massive – they’re more like cassava wedges. The word that comes to mind when trying to describe them is meaty. I’ve been crushing on cassava lately, so I was excited to be able to order these (I’ve only ever had them before while waiting for a table at Vij’s Restaurant).  The seasoning is great and the tamarind date chutney is a good hearty match for the chunky fries.


The Bison Curry (Alberta bison in fenugreek and coconut cream curry) comes with a side of rice and naan. The bison is tender and the curry’s tasty, although very spicy.


The Lucknow Lamb Kebabs (spicy mutton kebabs on naan bread) actually comes wrapped in the naan. My friend had this one, and I picked at some of the meat which was delicious – I liked it more than the bison, the flavour was great and the meat was very tender. However, the portion size of this dish was rather small, especially for the $10 price tag. Even with some of the cassava fries, it wasn’t really filling enough for lunch. Since we were at the Fisherman’s Wharf weekend location, my friend grabbed an oyster guacamole sandwich from Go Fish next door (off the specials menu). They have a pretty cool waterfront set-up  with a lot of seafood options. There wasn’t much guacamole on the sandwich, but the oysters were large and juicy (below).


Vij’s Railway Express is very much representative of Vij’s Restaurant. You get the same quality of ingredients and creativity that you come to expect from dining at Vij’s and Rangoli. And it’s certainly a treat to be able to grab some Vij’s to go, downtown, and at a lower price point. Having said that, the prices are definitely high, especially for both the portion size and the fact that it’s a food truck. Also, it’d be fun to have a few smaller less expensive side options so you can try more flavours. But overall, great food and fun experience – definitely a must try.

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