Primal-ish Menu Options

June 7, 2011


The other day, a friend texted me a pic of his lunch (above). I was impressed. Hamburger with no bun. Yam fries instead of potato. So not like him… I ignored the donut-looking thing, which I was later told was actually an onion ring (?!). Checking out the menu helped clarify…


Yes, my friend still made the decision to order that healthier option. But it’s so much easier to do so when it’s actually on the menu. I’m certain he would’ve never ordered that burger bun-less otherwise. Not only does putting it on the menu make it easier to make healthier choices, but it also shows people that it is indeed possible to eat a burger without a bun. And that enough people must be eating bun-less burgers for the restaurant to put it on the menu. And in case you’re wondering, that’s the Cowboy burger, at Relish Burger Bistro in Scottsdale, Arizona – the burgers on their menu sound pretty tasty.

I particularly liked Relish Burger’s branding of “Knife and Fork style.” I’m always pleasantly surprised when I see these kind of meal options. Vera’s Burger Shack, a local Vancouver chain, has proudly proclaimed for years that they’ll wrap anything in lettuce. And they have an organic beef burger on their menu, too. Mondo Burger Bar in Steveston will serve any burger “in a bowl”, meaning bun-less on top of some greens.

Which places have you spotted that offered primal-ish menu options?

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