Primalisms – Anderson Cooper, upping protein, school lunches, Vancouver restaurants

August 22, 2011

1) Who doesn’t need a good laugh? This episode of the Ridiculist is entertaining enough, but the funniest part is when Anderson Cooper loses it and starts giggling uncontrollably.

2) The Globe and Mail recommends upping protein to lose weight:

New findings from the University of Illinois suggest that older women who stick to a higher protein weight loss diet – as opposed to a higher carbohydrate reducing plan – not only lose more weight, they also gain more muscle.

3) School lunchrooms across Greeley, Colorado are *gasp* starting to cook their lunches from scratch.

“The biggest myth is that it costs more money,” said Kate Adamick, a food consultant based in New York and co-founder of Cook for America. She said federal reimbursement rules could actually give poorer school systems some advantages in shifting back to scratch, especially for meat, which many districts buy with deep discounts. Cooking the meat themselves, rather than paying a processor, can drastically reduce total costs, she said.

4) If you’re a Vancouverite, or a vising foodie, check out this list of Metro Vancouver’s 20 Best Restaurants. I don’t often see a list like this one, where I’d like to try the majority of the restaurants. Top on my list to try:


His name doesn’t say Italian but Neil Taylor’s food evokes Italy. He loves the challenge of offal and there’s usually some on his menu. A recent one featured grilled ox heart with bone marrow salsa. The rustic food (chicken cooked under brick with green garlic aioli and lemon; agnolotti stuffed with suckling pork, chicken and prosciutto, sage butter) channels London’s River Cafe (one Michelin star) where he once cooked and where the mantra is “sourcing, sourcing, sourcing.

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