Primalisms: Antibiotics, Pesticides, Neti Pots & More

September 8, 2012

(Photo by [ jRa7 ])

1) Farm Use of Antibiotics Defies Scrutiny

“Eighty percent of the antibiotics sold in the United States goes to chicken, pigs, cows and other animals that people eat, yet producers of meat and poultry are not required to report how they use the drugs — which ones, on what types of animal, and in what quantities. This dearth of information makes it difficult to document the precise relationship between routine antibiotic use in animals and antibiotic-resistant infections in people, scientists say.”

2) Organic Pesticides: Not An Oxymoron

“When people are buying organic food, they often make the incorrect assumption that there are no pesticides. It’s true that organic production often uses fewer dangerous chemicals, but certain pesticides are allowed.”

3) PHOTOS: 11 Awesome Celebrity Chef Doppelgangers

4) Rare Infection Prompts Neti Pot Warning

5) Coconut Oil Could Combat Tooth Decay

6) Radiation from Fukushima

7) Tapioca pearls in bubble tea contain carcinogens like polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs

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