Primalisms: Arsenic, Flu Shots, Chocolate & More

September 22, 2012

Photo by (Photo by [ jRa7 ])

1) Plastic-Wrapped Peeled Bananas At Billa Supermarket Chain Prompts Outrage

2)  Preemies’ Brains Reap Long-Term Benefits from Kangaroo Mother Care

3) Arsenic in your food [rice]

“Our resulting analysis of 3,633 study participants found that on average, people who reported eating one rice food item had total urinary arsenic levels 44 percent greater than those who had not, and people who reported consuming two or more rice products had levels 70 percent higher than those who had no rice.”

4) French Study Finds Tumours in Rats Fed GM Corn

5) Birth Is No Reason to Go to Hospital, Review Suggests

6) Stanford authors of organic food study face petition drive for retraction of their “fatally flawed” study

7) For Weight Loss, Less Exercise May Be More

8) Vancouver researcher finds flu shot is linked to H1N1 illness

9) Study Links Breast Cancer Risk to Early-Life Diet and Metabolic Syndrome

10) Researchers Accidentally Discover Chemo Helps Tumors Grow

11) Chocolate Gorging Linked To Opium Chemical In Brain

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