Primalisms: Butchering, Antibiotics, Talking Peas & More

May 5, 2012

(Photo by Koshyk)

1) If Peas Can Talk, Should We Eat Them?

“a team of scientists from the Blaustein Institute for Desert Research at Ben-Gurion University in Israel published the results of its peer-reviewed research, revealing that a pea plant subjected to drought conditions communicated its stress to other such plants, with which it shared its soil. In other words, through the roots, it relayed to its neighbors the biochemical message about the onset of drought, prompting them to react as though they, too, were in a similar predicament.”

2) Dirty Dozen Vs Clean 15: Worst and best produce items to buy conventional/organic. Apples being #1 on the dirty list has me a little concerned about drinking non-organic dry apple cider.

3) We’ve seen sprayable caffeine, now, why not alcohol? …. With Alcohol Spray, Skip Drinking & Go Straight to Drunk

4) Want paleo options when you dine out? Let restaurants know by signing up here.

5) Take a Tip From Singapore: What can American businesses learn from Singapore’s open-air markets? Anthony Bourdain explains.

“Food courts in America are bad things—owned by no one, with food that comes from nowhere,” Bourdain said at a recent media lunch in New York City, sponsored by the Singapore Tourism Board. He contrasted chain-heavy U.S. food court denizens with the Singaporean version: largely mom-and-pop operations that do one thing really well, whether it’s laksa, nasi goreng, satay, or ice kachang. The stalls are tightly regulated, subsidized, and have relatively low overhead costs, which make it possible for small business owners to thrive.

6) Local Meat Butchering Goes Nano

“But what people should also know is that the family’s “butcher shop” could also be one of the most important things to happen in small-scale meat processing in years.

As the demand for local, pasture-raised animals has risen steadily, the number of slaughterhouses willing and able to accommodate small farms has dwindled.

So when the Jeffries heard their regular slaughterhouse would be closing (and another in the area burned down), the family wondered about building their own on-farm”

7) Antibiotics increase risk of IBS and Crohn’s disease in children in later life

“Children given antibiotics are twice as likely to develop digestive problems, research shows. Those prescribed penicillin and similar medicines are more at risk from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s disease.”

8) This pizza trumps the hot dog stuffed crust one.

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