Primalisms: Donkeys, Chocolate, eFarmony & More

November 17, 2012

(Photo by [ jRa7 ])

1) Best bed-bug poison may be Merck meds for humans

“Now comes new research suggesting that the Merck drug Stromectol kills bed bugs within a few hours — of them, uh, feeding on you after you take the stuff.”

2) Ecuador’s dropping 22 tons of poison on the Galapagos to kill 180 million rats. Huh?

3) So much for ‘light’ beer: Booze calories nearly equal soda

4) “many electric saunas, including infrared saunas, can emit very high levels of electromagnetic fields”

5) Homes robbed of TV signal by new 4G mobile network will get up to £10,000 to be reconnected (I see other problems)

6) This beekeeping donkey has his own beekeeper suit

7) California’s most productive farmland is poisoning local residents

8) The most hilarious restaurant review I’ve ever read: As Not Seen on TV: Restaurant Review: Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar in Times Square

9) And speaking of donkeys… Donkey Cheese: The World’s Most Expensive Cheese

10) Are humans devolving? Research suggests humans losing intellectual, emotional abilities

11) Gross Video Shows You How Hot Dogs Are Mass-Produced

12) Kind of Like ‘eFarmony’: Matching Farmers With Urban Landowners For Fun And Profit

13) Breakfast, lunch and dinner: Have we always eaten them?

14) Gourmet Chocolate: Paris Salon 2012

15) Awesome infographic on fine chocolate.

16) You’re a Vegetarian. Have You Lost Your Mind?

17) Are Genetically Modified Insects The Next Step For The GMO Industry?

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