Primalisms: Fashion, Taxes, Cancer, Caffeine, Eyesight, Sleep & More

February 25, 2012

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1) What Health Dangers Lurk in Your Closet? (High heels, tight jeans, stilettos, thongs, neckties, earrings)

2) Gluten-free tax break for Canadians?

3) Big Dairy is taking offense with all the non-dairy milks out there. It’s fighting back with its new Got Milk? Campaign. I’m not a fan of any of those alternatives other than coconut milk, but still find their attack on all things non-dairy amusing. Especially that video where the caveman are drinking milk – uhmm….

4) Have you seen the Chipotle video that everyone’s talking about? It aired during the Grammy Awards…

5) Stronger Intestinal Barrier May Prevent Cancer in the Rest of the Body.

“A leaky gut may be the root of some cancers forming in the rest of the body, a new study published online Feb. 21 in PLoS ONE by Thomas Jefferson University researchers suggests.”

6) Inhalable caffeine. Really??

U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials plan to investigate whether inhalable caffeine sold in lipstick-sized canisters is safe for consumers and if its manufacturer was right to brand it as a dietary supplement.

7) The Ultimate Guide To Eating Paleo (inforgraphic)

8) Get outside and leave the shades at home. As the eyes age, less and less sunlight can get through the lens, affecting the regulation of your body’s circadian rhythm.

Because of these light-filtering changes, Dr. Mainster and Dr. Turner believe that with age, people should make an effort to expose themselves to bright sunlight or bright indoor lighting when they cannot get outdoors. Older adults are at particular risk, because they spend more time indoors.

9) This BBC article, “The Myth of the 8 hour  sleep” has been passed around the paleosphere. With this whole biphasic sleep pattern thing, people come to the conclusion that it’s “normal” to lose sleep in the middle of the night. The problem is, the people they refer to as sleeping biphasically were in bed for 14 hours. So if they woke up for 6 of those hours, they were still getting 8 hours of solid sleep! Nowadays, assuming the average person is even in bed for a whole 8 hours, if they wake up for even 2 of those hours, their sleep time drops to 6 hours! So, if you want to encourage biphasic sleep, you should be making sure those people are in bed as soon as the sun goes down. Good luck with that.  Robb Wolf does a good job explaining this here.

10) I was going to write about this NY Times article on mindful eating this week, but Mark Sisson beat me to it.

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