Primalisms: Meat, Walking, Slime, Dioxins, Flinstones & More

March 17, 2012

Yabba Dabba House
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1. Robb Wolf and Denise Minger restore sanity after every media outlet on the planet proclaimed that meat will kill you. You can apply some of the same debunking methodology to the saturated fat will kill your sperm story.

2. A Daily Walk Can Reduce the Power of Weight-Gaining Genes.

walking for about an hour a day can reduce the weight-promoting effect of certain genes by 50%. What’s more, the scientists say, sedentary activities like watching TV can trigger the weight-gaining effect of the same genes.

3. Pink slime is in our beef. Now, the Department of Agriculture is to offer beef without “pink slime” to schools.

The agency “will provide schools with a choice to order product either with or without Lean Finely Textured Beef,” USDA added.

4. Bad Food: Illnesses from Imported Food Are on the Rise, CDS says. I didn’t know spices were a concern:

unsurprisingly fish were the biggest source of the outbreaks — given how easily they can go bad — with spices coming up next. And nearly half of the outbreaks originated in Asia.

5. I’m surprised that this exists, or more precisely, that it’s there thanks to the USDA: Know Your Farmer Know Your Food. It’s a tool for building local food systems.

“Local food systems work for America: when we create opportunities for farmers and ranchers, our entire nation reaps the benefit.” – Barack Obama

6. Why Sleep Deprivation May Lead to Overeating

In the study, people who were sleep deprived ate more than 500 additional calories daily.

7. Is It Safe to Play Yet? Going to Extreme Lengths to Purge Household Toxins. Expectant parents wanting to eliminate toxins from their homes find out it’s no simple task.

8. Food Lobby Says EPA’s Dioxin Limits Will “Scare the Crap out of People”. Yup, scares the crap out of me… Be especially careful when sourcing your fish, eggs, and cheese. This video spells it out (eek): Dioxins in the Food Supply.

Although dioxins are environmental contaminants, most dioxin exposure occurs through the diet, with over 95% coming through dietary intake of animal fats.

… consumers may try to avoid any foods “identified” as containing or likely to contain any dioxin. The implications of this action are chilling. EPA is proposing to create a situation in which most U.S. agricultural products could arbitrarily be classified as unfit for consumption.

9. $3.5M Yabba Dabba Doo House: Luxury Malibu cave with ocean views :)

10. France temporarily bans growing of genetically modified Monsanto corn.

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