Primalisms: Paleo Summit, Perfect Human Diet, Sugar, GF, Sleep, Exercise & More

February 18, 2012

Photo by kaibara87

1) Have you registered for the
Paleo Summit yet? It’s free, it’s paleo, and it’s online. What are you waiting for?

2) The theatrical trailer is out for “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet”. DVDs are available for pre-order, and will be shipped Feb. 29th.

3) Toxic Sugar: Should We Regulate it Like Alcohol?

“The UN announcement targets tobacco, alcohol and diet as the central risk factors in non-communicable disease,” wrote the researchers. “Two of these three — tobacco and alcohol — are regulated by governments to protect public health, leaving one of the primary culprits behind this worldwide health crisis unchecked.”

4) Gluten-free lifestyle takes off across Vancouver:

During the recent Dine Out Vancouver promotion, 77 out of the 230 participating restaurants offered gluten-free menus

5) Another reason to know your farmer: bacteria from chickens linked to urinary tract infections.

6) We may soon enjoy more organic food options:

The U.S. and the European Union are announcing that they will soon treat each other’s organic standards as equivalent

7) They’re finally teaching something useful in elementary school – meditation.

8)  Doctors recognize the power of negative thinking—and *gasp* they want to change.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone in your doctors’ office—from the person who makes your appointment to the person who takes your payment (and yes, the doctor him or herself)—actually believed in you and your ability to heal. What a pleasure it would be to visit that office.

9) Exercise: Even a gentler version of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) results in significant health benefits, and weight training improves Parkinson’s symptoms. Also, I can’t say I’m a big fan of treadmills at desks.. but I do like the idea of all work meetings taking place outdoors, while walking…

10) Treat your low-back and joint pain by improving your sleeping posture. Don’t wake up too often – you have a  higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s if you do. 

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