Primalisms: Radium, Lead, Prop 37 & More

October 13, 2012

(Photo by [ jRa7 ])

1) Kellogg Mini-Wheats Recall: Millions Of Boxes Possibly Contaminated With Metal Pieces. As if the wheat itself wasn’t deadly enough…

2) Not that I need encouragement, but… “Eat chocolate, win the Nobel Prize?”

3) Why Does Bad News Stress Women Out More than Men?

4) Early Humans Commonly Consumed Meat, Researchers Say

5) What’s a “natural” flavor?

6) XL Foods meat recall revives food irradiation idea

“The century-old technology is routinely used on dried spices and flour in Canada and is approved to stop sprouting in onions and potatoes.”

That’s the opposite of comforting.

Sly compares the fears of irradiation to the initial aversion people had when microwave ovens were introduced.

LOL. Yes, because that went away….. (no, I don’t use a microwave).

7) We Used to Put Radium in Coffee

8) High Lead Found in City-Sourced Eggs

9) Local and grass-fed beef surging in popularity amid E. coli scare

10) The Cancer Lobby

11) Asian Seafood Raised on Pig Feces Approved for U.S. Consumers

12) B.C. agriculture minister mulls new meat regulations

“British Columbia’s new agriculture minister wants to change the province’s meat regulations so more smaller operators can slaughter, process and sell their own products.”

13) Wear radio chip or leave, school tells students

14) Former smart meter installer suffers from electro hypersensitivity (EHS)

15) Could America’s most popular breakfast item also be serving up heavy metals?

“…industrial sodium nitrate (synthetic) is allowed to contain residual heavy metals, including lead and arsenic.”

16) California Prop 37: Danny DeVito, Dave Matthews And Other Celebs Ask Voters To Approve Mandatory GMO Labeling (VIDEO)

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