Primalisms: Smoking, Chocolate, Meat & More

September 29, 2012

(Photo by [ jRa7 ])

1) Cell phone radiation and your brain (CNN)

2) Smoking banned in 42-storey Vancouver condo tower

3) Study: Chocolate Works Like Morphine on the Brain

“The rats didn’t appear to be enjoying the chocolate any more than they had before their neostriatums were stimulated; rather, their binging behavior seemed to be all about the urge to consume.”

4) Artist Takes Every Drug Known to Man, Draws Self Portraits After Each Use

5) How to Stop Hospitals From Killing Us

“Medical mistakes kill enough people each week to fill four jumbo jets. But these mistakes go largely unnoticed by the world at large, and the medical community rarely learns from them. The same preventable mistakes are made over and over again, and patients are left in the dark about which hospitals have significantly better (or worse) safety records than their peers.”

6) Neurosurgeon Shows How Low Levels of Radiation Such As Wi-Fi, Smart Meters And Cell Phones Cause The Blood Brain Barrier To Leak

7) Lessons of 107 Birthdays: Don’t Exercise, Avoid Medicine and Never Look Back

“Somebody asked her the secret of long life,” said Ying-Ying Yuan, a step-granddaughter of Mrs. Koo. “She said, ‘No exercise, eat as much butter as you like and never look backwards.’”

Shirley Young said her mother also likes pork bellies, “especially the hot part, but she doesn’t overdo anything.”

“And she doesn’t take any medicine,” she said. “When doctors give her medicine, she usually hides it, or when she takes something, she takes half a pill. People keep on giving her Chinese herbs, things like that. She never takes them.”

8) Should You Go Paleo? (Men’s Health Magazine)

9) Does Monsanto Man Mitt Romney Secretly Eat Organic?

10) Hold the pablum: Give that baby some meat, new Canadian guidelines advise

11) Meat map shows you how to avoid antibiotics

12) After Graduating From College, It’s Time to Plow, Plant and Harvest

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