Primalisms: Squash, Whey, Eggs & More

November 11, 2012

(Photo by [ jRa7 ])

1) The Squash You Should Use in Pumpkin Pie

2) You Can Thank A Whey Refinery For That Protein Smoothie

“Years ago, the whey would have been treated as waste and trucked away to farmers who spread it on their fields or fed it to their pigs.”

3) For those with spice allergies, it’s a drab diet or worse

4) Tormented musician killed himself because he was ‘allergic to mobile phones’

5) Bad Eggs: Another Fake-Food Scandal Rocks China

6) Pepsi Special: Japan To Get New Fat-Blocking Soda Variety

7) 14 Foods You Should Never Eat

8) Out of the cage and onto the grass: Helping pastured eggs go mainstream

9) Is This the Most Dangerous Food for Men? (Soy)

10) If you’re a fan of David Lebovitz, here’s a review he does of a gluten-free restaurant in Paris..

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