Primalisms: Wine, Honey, Hunting & More

October 7, 2012

(Photo by [ jRa7 ])

1) How fat has become the new normal

2) The Case For A 21-Hour Work Week

3) “Ostrich Pillow” for your napping pleasure. Hilarious.

4) So apparently that Gangnam Style song is good for something.

5) “Isn’t it weird that people think five-toed shoes look weird?”

6) Vintner With Nothing to Hide Finds That Few Are Looking

7) Blue And Green Honey Caused By Bees Feeding On M&M’s Production Waste

8) Watch Noma Chefs Harvest Ants By Hand

9) Who’s in Charge Inside Your Head?

10) For Best Toilet Health: Squat Or Sit?

11) Saving Food From The Fridge: It Will Taste Better, May Even Last Longer And Reduce Your Energy Bills

12) A New Breed of Hunter Shoots, Eats and Tells

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