Primalisms – Heels, VFFs, Autophagy, Indoor Sunshine, and Caffeine

February 2, 2012

starbucks coffee
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1) More on the dangers of high heels. Women who typically wear heels walk differently than women who usually wear flats, even when they’re not wearing heels.

So by stretching and straining their already shortened calf muscles, the heel wearers walk less efficiently with or without heels, he says, requiring more energy to cover the same amount of ground as people in flats and probably causing muscle fatigue.

“In a person who wears heels most of her working week,” Dr. Cronin says, the foot and leg positioning in heels “becomes the new default position for the joints and the structures within. Any change to this default setting,” he says, like pulling on Keds or Crocs, constitutes “a novel environment, which could increase injury risk.”

2. Heels, shmeels. Shailene Woodley struts Vibram Five Fingers, on the red carpet.

3. As if we don’t have enough reasons to exercise, here’s another – autophagy, or Exercise as Housecleaning for the Body.

“a new study suggests that the ability of exercise to speed the removal of garbage from inside our body’s cells may be one of its most valuable, if least visible, effects.”

4. British Columbia works on bringing sunshine indoors. Wait, what sunshine? :P

It’s light that will be brighter, more attractive, less expensive and more sustainable than electric light, according to Tony Formby.

5. Another reason to skip the coffee – caffeine messes with estrogen levels in women.

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