Primally Yours: Babyccinos, Plastic Kettles, LaraBars

February 28, 2012


Some random thoughts that don’t warrant blog posts but are too long for twitter…

Milk Chocolate Babyccinos

I was eating a lunch at a café. A 5 year old (my best guess) kid with her mother at a nearby table had just finished her cupcake. Shortly thereafter, she declared that she’s hungry. Mom looked shocked (but cupcakes are so nourishing!). She told the kid that daddy would make her a latte at home. I guess she caught my involuntary incredulous look, because she quickly qualified it with, “with steam milk only”. Then added, “Daddy will make you a nice milk chocolate late”. I was wondering if this whole babyccino thing was for real. Sadly, looks like it is. And not just in trendy Brooklyn.

Plastic Kettles

The stainless steel electric kettle died at work. Again. Last time we got a temporary plastic replacement. I happened to be in the room when they were discussing buying another one. I quickly chimed in that it’d be great if we could get another stainless steel one. I was given a strange look followed by “of course, plastic’s unhealthy!” Sweet, I thought. Nothing to worry about. New kettle arrives – it’s stainless steel. With 2 large plastic windows letting you see how much water is in there. I boil the water. Smells like plastic. Pass.


Lara bars were on sale at Whole Foods, so I stocked up. They’re a back-up snack at home, but I m typically reserve them for when I’m out and about or on a hike. Not that many flavors to choose from though. When I was visiting the US, I was shocked at all the flavors they had that I had never seen before – Carrot Cake? Chocolate Chip Brownie? Pecan Pie? Not to mention 2 whole other product lines – Uber (which sadly contains brown rice syrup) and Jocolat (yes, please!).  Here in Canada we only have a limited variety (what else is new). You can actually see on their website, a bunch say “Not Available In Canada”. Why the snub, LaraBar? It also kinda sucks that so many of the flavors have cashews. Getting mixed signals about the paleo-ness of cashews. I gotta look into it. Until then I typically just eat the Cocoa Coconut Chew and Chocolate Chocolate Chip.

As always, let me know your thoughts and comments :)

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Erin February 28, 2012 at 5:15 AM

Living the first 30 years of my life in the US, I didn’t realize how snubbed other countries are!! If you think Canada is bad…don’t move to the UK ;) In addition we are penalized by all sorts of EU import regulations (they may be perfectly valid although incredibly frustrating from the perspective of a US import ;) Babyccinos…that was new to me, I saw it on a menu a few months ago…people always trying to turn kids into little adults. I do however occasionally give my kids the leftover milk I have steamed for my own drinks but I just call it “special milk” and it’s never something I set out to make for them; just a byproduct of my own little indulgence. I however refuse to call it a “Babyccino.” :P


[email protected] February 28, 2012 at 5:47 PM

UK is worse than Canada in terms of imports? Thanks, that makes me feel better ;) Also, I take zero issue with giving your kids leftover steamed milk (other than perhaps the whole dairy thing) – and thank you for not calling it a babyccino :P


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