TV Worth Watching: Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations

April 12, 2012


When I indulge in TV, I gravitate towards food shows. My long-time favourite is Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. I love the destinations, the culture, the humour, oh yeah, and the food. I’ve been meaning to post about a couple of episodes for a while, and I’ve just read a few interesting snippets from interviews with Anthony, so here goes.

Provence – my favourite episode thus far. Honestly, is there one store in all of Vancouver that compares to any of the little specialty artisanal shops that line the streets of Provence, or as it seems, any other place featured in France? (I also particularly enjoyed the Brittany episode). The quality, freshness, and variety of food that they sell there… and I mean real food, not food products. The gorgeous cobblestone streets, the villas, the fields, the cafes, the food shops. It’s so sunny there that people plan their walking route so as to stay in the shade – they cross the street, walk in alleys, whatever it takes. Take that, Vancouver! Oh, and of course the food. Simple, beautiful food that doesn’t need to be dressed up or fussed with – the only way a cook can wreck it is by trying too hard. The toughest decision of the day seems to be should I nap, take a stroll through the fields, or eat? How about all three. Then repeat. Yes, in this happy little daydream, I’ve also won the lottery and no longer need to work. Sigh :P

As for Anthony Bourdain, here are a few interesting tidbits:

On the direction that food is currently heading:

“Brooklyn rules – communal tables and fatty food. Ludo Lefebvre was talking about how easy it is, since fat tastes good. It’s easy and intensely pleasurable. People have definitely been concentrating in the past few years on food that is enjoyable… I think we have a few years to go before it really works its way around and everyone is over it. You go out to Australia now and it’s only recently that people have gotten into the communal table thing. Porteño in Sydney is the hottest place in town, and it’s basically giant slabs of meat on a stick.”

Eating fat and giant slabs of meat on a stick at a communal table? Sounds pretty paleo/primal, sign me up.

Speaking of meat, it’s what on the menu for Anthony’s wife:

“My wife is on an all-protein diet, which means grilled and seared meats.”

Innnteresting. And what the heck – let’s finish off with a friendly vegetarian quote from the Mozambique season premiere:

“What promoters of vegetarianism maybe don’t realize is that much of the world already is living a vegetarian lifestyle, and they ain’t too fucking happy about it.”

If you watch No Reservations, what’s your fave episode? Have you read his books? They’re on my reading list.

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Aaron April 13, 2012 at 4:41 PM

I like No Reservations. I like Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and Triple D too. I’m biased toward my favorite episode because this past summer I went to Montreal and tried out some of the places recommended on the show. All I have to say is … Au Pied du Cochon = Heaven.

I was not impressed with Bourdain’s new series this year – The Layover. With the exception of the Singapore episode, I thought it was mediocre at best. And the Amsterdam show was awful.

Ironically, I started getting into food t.v. and paleo at about the same time. I very much enjoy watching the shows still, but I find myself befuddled at the amount of grains, and in particular seed oils, that are used in EVERYTHING at restaurants. It’s been an eye opener.


[email protected] April 13, 2012 at 7:45 PM

I’ve watched Bizarre Foods, and like it as well (though not nearly as much as No Reservations). From the same interview that I got some of the above info from, Anthony doesn’t seem to care much for the Layover either. In fact, next season will be the last. I haven’t seen it myself – I don’t get that channel. It’s a neat concept, and I was excited for checking it out, but so much anymore… As for the grains on TV, I don’t even see them anymore – I kind of just block them out. The oils on the other hand…. well let’s just say that I get excited when they actually cook something in butter!


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