What I Ate This Week (Dec. 9/12)

December 9, 2012


“But if you don’t eat bread, what the heck do you eat??”

This should answer that question and then some. Check out the images below of everything that I ate this past week to see the extent of my suffering on this paleo/primal “diet”.


Soft-boiled-eggs-with-avocado_thumb1[1] Sausage-with-Mustard-and-Avocado
(x3) Soft boiled eggs (with avocado or raw beet kraut) (x4) Sausage (with avocado or raw beet kraut)


Sausage-Feta-Chard-Frittata Vera's-Burger-Shack-The-Vic
(x4) Frittata with sausage, chard and feta (x1) Vera’s Vic Burger
Urban-Fare-Chicken-and-Veggies-2_thu Sardines-and-Raw-Beet-Kraut
(x1) Urban Fare Roasted Chicken + Veggies (x1) Sardines with raw beet kraut


Turkey-Dinner-2012_thumb3_thumb Blueberry-Liver-Plated
(x5) Turkey, gravy, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes anna, cranberry sauce (x1) Blueberry Liver
(x1) Indian curry at Atithi (Groupon)


This-Week-In-Food---almond-butter Kerrygold-Dubliner-Cheese
Almond Butter Kerrygold Dubliner cheese
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Me December 13, 2012 at 5:33 AM

I’ve saw that kerrygold cheese…would you recommend? Keep in mind…I’m not paleo…still eating too many nuts, hummus, rice cakes, and yogurt….oh my.

I did have moose last night though. A friend of the family’s caught it , so I guess it was pure (?). Just roasted in the oven. Had it with a sweet potato and veggies and oil. But the sweet potato kind of got rubbery (i put it on “potato” in microwave…but it was a fairly small sweet potato so….)

I’m struggling….just moved to a new place and am kinda underweight and am ONLY walking (and its slow etc)…Gaining weight + only tiny slow walks …its mentally hard :(
AND where I live there is nothing nothing in the way of chicken, etc. Chicken is “country ribbon – grain fed – skin on” :( Just those big processing plants. The only eggs are “free run” (occassionally if I can afford). There are “Maple leaf” chicken strips sold that are “natural” and made with minimal ingredients ( chicken, water, potato starch, flavor, sea salt, honey, cane sugar, spice, garlic powder, onlion powder)…but that can’t be good can it? I don’t know…know what I mean?

The ground turkey and beef look horrendous. A lot of fish, ugh. And too many eggs. I cant OVERDO the fat cause that gives me major floppy stomach ….and too much heavy protein just sits there…makes me think I need to eat more beans and grains cause I doubt they could ever give me tummy issues like dairy or eating same.things.every.day. does.

The worse is doing nothing….I want to move. I worry I’ll gain it all “wrong”. Sorry. Pity party :) Vent over.


[email protected] December 18, 2012 at 10:48 PM

As far as cheese goes, the Kerrygold is amazing. Highly recommended, keeping in mind that it’s not paleo.

That’s awesome that you had moose!

Don’t be too hard on yourself. The fact that you’re conscious of all this stuff says a lot. Baby steps count. Just do the best you can, and most importantly don’t beat yourself up.

Oh, and you DO NOT need to eat more beans and grains. That’s the worst possible thing you could do. Even worse than the questionable protein sources.

It sounds like maybe other than overdoing some dairy you’re doing pretty good. Sometimes you just gotta do the best you can. Hang in there!


Me December 19, 2012 at 5:45 AM

Oh, I still suck. Majorly. I made such a stupid mistake coming back to Newfoundland. i cannot do ANY cardio here…so now I have bowel issues (need a “cleanse”) and need to gain weight …but can’t do cardio. Feels so gross and wrong. Yes, I walk..but its not the same. And Newfoundland…it sucks. :( I haven’t eaten chicken but will have to at some point (otherwise its moose if available and fish, fish, fish, eggs, eggs, eggs)…and turkey on Christmas…only stuff we have is : http://www.countryribbon.com/en/Newfoundlandchicken/details/?id=38

Oh boy. And the family I live with? KFC, or pork from the grocery store, or white bread and gravy etc etc etc …and there is zero way of changing them…ugh.

Linda Cameron February 17, 2013 at 2:41 PM

Dubliner – my FAVORITE cheese!


[email protected] February 26, 2013 at 9:42 PM

She’s a beauty!


[email protected] January 4, 2013 at 12:42 PM

For the most part, cardio is overrated (think “chronic cardio” a la Mark Sisson of http://www.marksdailyapple.com. You can’t go wrong with walking, and if you throw in some weight training in there you should be able to put on some muscle mass. Sometimes you just have to do the best with what you have, or try to change your situation. Maybe look into local farms and see if they will give you some of the offal, or sell it to you for cheap.


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