What I Ate This Week (June 24/12)

June 24, 2012


“But if you don’t eat bread, what the heck do you eat??”

This should answer that question and then some. Check out the images below of everything that I ate this past week to see the extent of my suffering on this paleo/primal “diet”.

This week included sweet potato cakes with poached eggs, frittata bites with chard, sausage and feta, and beef brisket with rhubarb.


Sweet-Potato-Cakes-with-Poached-Eggs This-Week-In-Food---eggs
(x4) Sweet potato cakes with poached egg (x3) Soft-boiled eggs with a side of pickle, butter, and fermented cod liver oil


This-Week-In-Food---Frittata sardines-with-cheese-and-butter
(x6) Frittata bites with chard, sausage and feta Sardines plus cheese, butter and pickle


Beef-brisket-with-rhubarb Beef-BBQ-Peckinpah
(x5) Beef brisket with rhubarb Beef BBQ at Peckinpah
Mackerel with lemons and olives


This-Week-In-Food---almond-butter This-Week-In-Food--chocolate
Almond and macadamia butters Dark chocolate
Chocolate-Banana-Ice-Cream Salted-Caramel-Ice-Cream
Chocolate Banana “Ice Cream” Salted caramel ice cream
Soirette-Passionfruit-cheesecake Chocolate-Avocado-Pudding
Soirette cheesecake Chocolate Avocado Pudding

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