What I Ate This Week (June 3/12)

June 3, 2012


“But if you don’t eat bread, what the heck do you eat??”

This should answer that question and then some. Check out the images below of everything that I ate this past week to see the extent of my suffering on this paleo/primal “diet”.

This week was a bit unique, as I was on vacation in Arizona (Phoenix and Scottsdale) – I’ll go into more detail in a separate post, but some of the items I ate included: chicken and sweet potato hash, tacos without shells, salads, and ribs.


Avocado-strawberry-salad This-Week-In-Food---eggs
Avocado strawberry salad (x3) Eggs + butter
Beef-burgers-with-cheese-and-butter Chicken-and-Sweet-Potato-Hash
Beef burgers with cheese and butter Chicken and sweet potato hash (Blue Sage)
Greek-yogurt-and-raspberries Eggs,-sardines,-blueberries,-butter
Greek yogurt and raspberries (Blue Sage) (x2) Eggs, sardines, blueberries, butter


Caesar-Salad This-Week-In-Food-salad-with-chicken
Caesar salad Salad with chicken
Vera's-Burger-Shack-The-Vic-2 Carolina's-Mexican-Food
Vera’s Burger 1/2 Assortment of Mexican food (Carolina’s)
Vincent-Market-Bistro-Lamb-Shank Mini-Pot-de-Creme-Vincent-Market-Bistro
Lamb Shank (Vincent Market Bistro) Mini pot de crème (Vincent Market Bistro)
Marriott-Chicken-Wings Marriott-Tacos
Chicken wings (Marriott) Tacos without shells (Marriott)


Sardines,-asparagus,-avocado Chicken-with-cabbage
Sardines, asparagus, avocado, butter Chicken with cabbage
Cardero's-Coal-Harbour-Burger Cardero's-Cajun-Chicken-Burger
1/2  Coal Harbour burger (Cardero’s) 1/2 Chicken burger (Cardero’s)
Deseo-Pan-de-bono Deseo-Kobe-Beef-Tenderloin-on-casabe-flatbread
Pan de bono (Deseo) – gluten and grain free Kobe beef tenderloin on casabe flatbread (Deseo) – gluten and grain free
Deseo-lamb-chops Deseo-Green-and-Yellow-Squash
Lamb chops (Deseo) 1/2 Green and Yellow Squash (Deseo)
Bandera-Deviled-Eggs Bandera-Cold-Vegetables
1/2 Deviled Eggs (Bandera) 1/2 Cold vegetable side (Bandera)
Bandera-Plate NoRTH-artichoke-appetizer
1/2 Chicken and Beef Rib Combo + 1/2 “Macho Salad” (Bandera) 1/2 Artichoke appetizer (NoRTH)
NoRTH-Beef-Short-Ribs The-Mission-guacamole
Beef short ribs (NoRTH) 1/2 Guacamole (The Mission)
The-Mission-Taro-Chips The-Mission-Chicken-Anticuchos
1/2 Taro chips (The Mission) 1/2 Chicken anticuchos (The Mission)
The-Mission-Lamb-Ribs-Adobada The-Mission-Braised-Short-Ribs
1/2 Lamb ribs adobada (The Mission) 1/2 Braised short rib (The Mission)


Pistachio-Gelato-2 Larabar---Coconut-Cocoa-Chew
Pistachio Gelato Larabar
This-Week-In-Food--chocolate Sweet-Republic-Honey-Blue-Cheese-and-Espresso-Gelato
Dark chocolate Honey Blue Cheese and Espresso Gelato (Sweet Republic)
Torta Milano (Cardero’s)

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