What I Ate This Week (Oct. 14/12)

October 14, 2012


“But if you don’t eat bread, what the heck do you eat??”

This should answer that question and then some. Check out the images below of everything that I ate this past week to see the extent of my suffering on this paleo/primal “diet”.

This was my 5th week of the elimination diet (the 1st week of re-introduction). I tried re-introducing tomato paste and eggs (separate post coming soon). This super clean style of eating is becoming a habit. I’m not even seeking out snacks unless I’m actually hungry. Still eating lots of veggies, and still feeling very well nourished.

What did you eat this past week?


Breakfast-Lamb-Patties_thumb1 Turkey-Meatballs-With-Chard
(x1) Lamb Breakfast Patties with bok choy (x5) Turkey meatballs with chard
2 soft boiled eggs


Salad-with-chicken,-peaches,-and-goat-cheese Salad-with-Sardines-Plums-Avocados-O[2]
(x6) Salad: chicken + pears + plums + avocado + cucumber (different image) Salad: sardines + plums + avocado + cucumber + pears (different image)


Cornish-Game-Hen-with-Brussels-Sprouts-and-Squash Blueberry-Liver-Plated_thumb1_thumb_
(x6) Cornish game hens with roasted Brussels sprouts and squash (x1) Blueberry Liver


Organic-Olives_thumb1_thumb_thumb_th coconut-manna_thumb1_thumb_thumb_thu
Olives Coconut Butter
Tomato-Paste Dried-Mango_thumb1
Tomato Paste Dried Mango
Bone marrow with parsley salad

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Jessica October 17, 2012 at 4:03 PM

Your cornish game hen looks amazing. I may add that to my grocery list for this coming week.


[email protected] October 22, 2012 at 9:45 AM

Thanks! It was very tasty and a nice change from regular chicken.


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