What I Ate This Week (Oct. 21/12)

October 22, 2012


“But if you don’t eat bread, what the heck do you eat??”

This should answer that question and then some. Check out the images below of everything that I ate this past week to see the extent of my suffering on this paleo/primal “diet”.

This was my 6th and final week of the elimination diet (the 2nd week of re-introduction). I tried re-introducing raw tomatoes and butter (separate post coming soon). Still feeling great and enjoying my lack of cravings.

I didn’t even feel the desire to do anything wild on my first day off the elimination diet. I ate out for the first time in 6 weeks, and had a grass-fed burger with some yam fries. But everything was cooked/fried in canola oil and I felt gross after. My splurge was a piece of chocolate covered banana snack. So pretty happy that I didn’t fall right back into old habits.


Apple-Spice-Turkey-Breakfast Turkey-Meatballs-With-Chard_thumb1
(x6) Pear Spice Turkey Breakfast (x1) Turkey meatballs with chard


Salad-with-steak-grapes-avocado Salad-with-sliced-meatballs
(x5) Salad: steak + plums + avocado + pears + cucumber + grapes Salad: meatballs + plums + avocado + cucumber + pears
Grass-fed burger with yam fries


Icelandic-Leg-of-Lamb-Roast-with-Braised-Cabbage,-carrots,-and-parsley-root Fig-and-prosciutto-meatza-with-zucchini-noodles
(x6) Icelandic leg of lamb roast with braised cabbage and roasted vegetables (carrots, fennel and parsley root) (x1) Meatza with figs, elk prosciutto, pears and basil and zucchini noodles


Organic-Olives_thumb1_thumb_thumb_th[1] coconut-manna_thumb1_thumb_thumb_thu[1]
Olives Coconut Butter
Tomatoes Chocolate-Covered-Dried-Banana
Tomatoes (elimination diet test) Chocolate Covered Dried Banana (1 bite-sized piece)

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